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"And Then He Dropped The Bracelets..."

Lester's having coffee with Shardene, who reports that the back room is always locked, and that the few times she has managed to get in there on an errand, they shut down in front of her. Lester recaps that she said something about making someone come to the Towers, and deals out a bunch of mug shots on the table, asking who was talking. She can only say the guy was tall. Lester asks who else was there, and Shardene apologetically says that she doesn't see well without her glasses. Well, that's usually how it works. Lester asks where her glasses are, and Shardene reluctantly gets them out of her bag. "You can't see faces without those?" asks Lester. Shardene puts them on and turns into the dorky-ass four-eyes we know and love. Lester intuits that Shardene doesn't wear her glasses when she's working, and Shardene chuckles, "Would you? I gotta live off drinks and tips." Lester cracks up. I really don't know why Shardene hasn't taken some of her tip money down to Lenscrafters.

Conference room...somewhere. Kima, McNulty, and Daniels are catching Ronnie up about Orlando, McNulty saying that a player wouldn't be the name on the liquor license: "A player would have a connect for Barksdale's coke. He wouldn't walk into state troopers." Ronnie considers this as Kima adds, "He caught a charge, and now he's talking out his ass." McNulty says that they're never going to get Avon and Stringer in the same room as the dope: "We make this case on their voices alone." "So maybe he can't buy from Barksdale," suggests Ronnie. "Maybe he can only buy from Savino or Wee-Bey." "Fuck him, then," says Kima. "We already got Wee-Bey tied to a murder, and Savino's the runt of the litter." Daniels nods, and shrugs at Ronnie, who leans forward to say that they can take what Orlando gives them about the club, like money-laundering or the girls: "For that kind of co-operation, I'll drop a few years and call it fair." There's a knock at the door, and a guy comes in looking for Daniels, telling him there's a call for him from the Deputy Commissioner. He offers to send it in there, and as everyone else smirks, Daniels gets up to take it. "He doesn't miss much," comments McNulty as Daniels leaves. Kima gets a page, rolls her head...

...and goes to meet Bubbs in his park. As soon as he sees her, he leaps up off his bench with an ingratiating smile, telling her he needs help. Kima complains that he's called her to come all the way across town just to mooch $10 off her, but he explains that he doesn't need $10: "I don't know. I need a place of my own. All right? Some bed, some sheets, some clothes. I definitely need some new clothes." Kima studies him a moment, and asks, "How long you been clean?" Bubbs takes a drag off his cigarette and says, "Three days." Kima, seeming dubious, sits on the bench, asking if he's serious about it. "Who knows?" he replies. Kima chuckles, asking what she's going to do with a clean informant: "Did you think about that?" Bubbs sits back, smiling, and Kima joins him: "All right, I'm on it with you." Bubbs gazes at her frankly: "Yeah?" "Yeah," she tells him. There's a beat, and then she squeals, "Yo, what the fuck? Give me some love!" Hee, aw. Bubbs gives her a peck on the cheek, and excitedly tells her he thinks he can set up a household with a couple hundred dollars. Kima nods: "We'll talk." She tells him to call her pager the next day. "Tomorrow?" chokes Bubbs anxiously. Kima squeezes his shoulder, smiling: "I got you."

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