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"And Then He Dropped The Bracelets..."

In Daniels's car, the cops react as Orlando asks, "What?" "Shit ain't right," repeats Kima. Daniels and McNulty share a look of alarm.

We see the backs of two guys in faded black hoodies as they creep down the alley toward Orlando's car. There's a quick shot of Kima's face, then Orlando's, and then the guys are there, the guns are drawn, and they're shooting at Orlando, yelling, "Snitchin' motherfucker!"

Daniels and McNulty can hear the shots over the radio; Daniels starts as though he could see it happen, and Kima calls out, "Signal 13! Signal 13!" McNulty radios that there have been gunshots.

Carver and Sydnor quietly freak out, and tear off, trying to locate Kima's alley.

And then everything starts happening very fast. Radio messages fly back and forth. Someone reports an officer down at Kima's approximate location. Kima herself describes the suspects: "Two males, black hoodie, both of them, one is--" More shots. McNulty's radio-ing gets more frantic. Sydnor reports back that they haven't found Kima yet. Marked cop cars start screaming into the area. A voice we don't recognize reports back about another clear alley. Cars scream in all directions; no one can find Kima. "Foxtrot," Daniels finally grits. McNulty radios for Foxtrot, which is apparently the police helicopter, and describes Orlando's car. We get a view of the city as seen from the helicopter; it doesn't look like it would be much help until it switches to night-vision. After a moment, an officer in the helicopter reports that they have a visual on Orlando's car: "Rear even-side of Warwick and Longwood." Slowly, the camera pans down to a close shot of Orlando's car. The passenger-side door is open, the windshield is pocked with bullet holes. Orlando himself has been shot and is at least unconscious, if not worse. Daniels's car pulls around the corner. The helicopter cop reports "no movement at scene." We switch from helicopter night-vision to regular film as McNulty leaps out of the car, gun drawn, and hurries over to secure the car; Daniels is close on his heels. "In here!" bellows McNulty, leaning into the back seat. "Call for a medic!" Daniels comes around to the passenger side of the car echoing the call for a medic as McNulty (ill-advisedly, according to what we've always been taught) pulls Kima out of the car; Daniels then helps as McNulty lays Kima on the ground, and we can see that she's been shot at least once in the torso, and is unconscious. Behind them, Carver paces back and forth, screaming and freaking out in worry and impotent rage. The helicopter blades are so loud that we can barely hear as Daniels screeches into his radio for a medic: "WE GOT AN OFFICER DOWN!" McNulty performs CPR on Kima, checking her vitals. Carver squats, holding his head in his hands, completely losing his shit. We hear the dispatcher asks if there's any description of the suspect, while the officers on the scene watch Kima and fret. We conclude on a shot of the scene from above, giving no indication at all of the chaos playing out on the ground.

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