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"And Then He Dropped The Bracelets..."

Cut to...Orlando, cuffed to a table. 'Cause guess what? His drug "connect" was, in fact, an undercover state police officer named Troy Wiggins (formerly "Maxi-Pad"), who's now studying Orlando, giving the wad of gum in his mouth his most contemptous chew. He shoots him one last glare, and then leaves Orlando alone in the exam room.

Out in the hall, Wiggins tells a uniformed officer, "He says he can buy weight. Says he runs with some decent-size locals." "Like who?" asks the uni. "Avon...something," says Wiggins, checking his notepad. "Barksdale." The uni tells him to run the name (through some acronyms) and see what comes back. And while they're at it, they should totally check Avon's eBay feedback rating, too.

Wiggins pokes his head back into the exam room to update Orlando on what they're doing: "If you full of shit, pal, I'm gonna know it quick." Orlando asks what's going to happen to him while the cops are checking Avon out. Bad news: city jail. He won't even get any street cred for that, if D'Angelo's status with his crew is any indication.

Mondo Mart stakeout. Some lady talks on the phone, and then we cut inside the van, panning across the delicious-looking yet also gross detritus of sugary stakeout snacks and over to Carver, desultorily fidgeting with a bag of chips and burping. We unconsciously performed a re-enactment of this scene in my apartment last night, by the way. After a moment, Sydnor lets himself into the van and complains that Carver's "triflin'." Carver, sounding like he might be just about to barf, agrees that he's disgusting, and gets up so that they can switch places. "Cheese puffs and fucking Ring Dings?" squeals Sydnor. Oh, excuse me, I didn't realize Carver was on a stakeout with Alice Waters. They're parked next to a convenience store! They don't sell fucking mesclun and gazpacho up in there. Carver climbs out of the van and walks stiffly past the unused phone, probably wondering if the Mondo Mart has peanut butter M&Ms in the giant bags.

Detail office. Lester picks up the phone to take a call from Santangelo, up on the roof, reporting that Little Man's about to use a wired pay phone. Lester cues Prez, and then phones Sydnor to tell him to watch the Mondo Mart phone. Sydnor rubs his face. Police work is glamorous.

To wit: in the Homicide office, McNulty sleeps in a chair, an empty beer bottle in his hand. "Look at this pretty motherfucker," cracks Bunk to Norris. The two stride smugly up to McNulty so that Bunk can snag the bottle out of his hand, waking him. Norris razzes him for being "too fucked up to drive home," moving on, and Bunk motions for McNulty to come with him. McNulty groggily stands, and peers into an exam room, telling Bunk, "Kid gave us a murder. More than that, he's put in Stringer Bell." Bunk comes over to look in, and we see Wallace, asleep on a table with a uniform jacket as a pillow, as McNulty goes on: "Picks out Wee-Bey, Bird, and Stinkum from photo arrays, puts them all up at the Greek's the night they grab up Omar's boy, Brandon. Puts Bell in the truck, too." Bunk looks aroused. "Says, 'Stringer told me to point out the stickup boy,'" says McNulty. Bunk, grinning, asks what McNulty has on Wallace to make him talk so much. "Not a fucking thing," says McNulty. "Kid was ready. Barely had to push him." Bunk asks whose case it was, and McNulty says it was Norris's. He tells Bunk that Wallace is sixteen, and that when McNulty picked him up, Wallace was "halfway into a nod." "Using?" asks Bunk. McNulty kind of grunts a confirmation, adding that after Wallace gave them the tip on Brandon, the Barksdalies dumped Brandon's body right behind Wallace's squat: "Can you imagine? All he can think about." Over a shot of Wallace sleeping peacefully, we hear Bunk ask McNulty whether he told Wallace he would have to testify. McNulty says that he will, but that they have a problem to deal with before that: "What do we do with him now?" Give him Sean's bunk until the kids have a night with Dad?

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