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"And Then He Dropped The Bracelets..."

Mondo Mart. Sydnor gets off a few shots of a guy's back as he places a call on the pay phone. Santangelo calls Lester to confirm that Little Man's picking up. Mondo Mart guy promises to deliver a new supply "first thing tomorrow." The call ends, and Lester calls Sydnor to confirm: "It's him. Stay on it." Mondo Mart Guy takes off, and after a moment, Sydnor -- in his derelicte gear -- hops out the back of the van and follows MMG, adding the camouflage of a cigarette and a bottle in a brown paper bag.

Hey, what's up with Orlando? Well, Wiggins and another cop are leading him out of a freight elevator and into the city jail. Wiggins pauses with Orlando at the intake desk, which is when Browning, standing nearby with a mop, looks up and obviously recognizes Orlando.

Moments later, Browning's on the jail pay phone, telling someone we don't see that Orlando's his new roomie.

Quiet suburban street. MMG walks along on one side of the street, while Sydnor trails him discreetly on the other. Presently, MMG walks up the stars at one of the houses and lets himself in. We watch as Sydnor takes in the sign on the front door that reads "PRIVATE PROPERTY KEEP OUT," the security camera pointed down at the front step, the security-system sensors and cameras at the corners of the house. Basically, it's the Fort Knox of dope.

Back at Homicide, Wallace is awake, and being interviewed by Daniels and McNulty. Wallace says that he's beeing "slinging" since he was twelve, and that he's been with D'Angelo's crew in the low-rises since D'Angelo came back from jail at the beginning of the summer: "Before that, I worked for Ronnie Mo." McNulty asks whether D'Angelo ever talked about Pooh getting shot in the 221. Wallace says no. McNulty asks whether there was discussion of "anything else like that...Killings, murders. He say anything about a girl getting shot up in an apartment up on the Eastside?" Wallace blinks, starts to answer, and then lies, "No. Dee, he was good to me. He all right." Daniels confirms that it was D'Angelo that Wallace called the night he saw Brandon at the Greek's. Wallace says that's true, but that D'Angelo didn't participate in Brandon's murder: "It was mostly them Tower boys." "And Stringer," presses McNulty. "You said Stringer was in the truck. He called you over, asked you to point out the stickup boy." Wallace nods, his mouth tight. McNulty and Daniels nod to each other, and then we get a brief shot of Wallace, clenching his jaw and pondering his immediate future.

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