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On a staircase back at the church hall, D'Angelo is telling a worried-looking Avon that Bunk and McNulty dropped a bunch of names from the Barksdale organization: "They knew a lot." "But you didn't say nothing," Avon confirms. D'Angelo says he doesn't know anything. "Why was you writin', then?" Avon asks. D'Angelo tries to play it off, saying that they told him about Gant's (imaginary) kids and suggested the letter. "What you got to do with them, Dee?" snaps Avon. "Yeah, that's what I said," says D'Angelo, but adds that they talked about how the kids weren't doing so well, so he thought it couldn't hurt him to say he was sorry that Gant had been killed. Avon is irate that D'Angelo would think he had to apologize about a man who tried to send him to prison, and D'Angelo reminds Avon that "it didn't turn out that way:" "I'm saying, it's a shame that y'all--" Avon turns to him, loaded for bear, and D'Angelo rephrases that what happened is a shame, because Gant didn't do anything but come out of the elevator at the wrong time. Avon decides to take a different tack, asking plainly what D'Angelo thinks of "what happened" to Gant: "You think we killed the motherfucker?" D'Angelo says he doesn't know, and Avon tells him he doesn't need to know, either: "And if we did, we had a reason. And if we didn't, we had a reason. But either way, you ain't got shit to do with it." He says that D'Angelo isn't to blame, though D'Angelo doesn't quite seem to be buying it. Avon says that if he gets arrested again, he doesn't want to hear about D'Angelo writing anything to anyone. D'Angelo, crestfallen, agrees, and Avon cajoles him to go get some ribs. Mmmm, ribs. Why don't I ever get invited to gangster parties with sweet spreads like that?

Herc, Carver, and Prez are parked under a bridge or something, drinking, bitching that the case isn't worth their time. Herc is, guess what, especially affronted that he should have so much typing to do. He suggests that they go down to the Towers right now and "let them know." BRILLIANT IDEA, CUSTER. Prez kind of giggles, because he doesn't know how they do it in the Western, but Herc isn't kidding, and his testosterone level rises a few more notches: "You coming?" "I'm with you," says Prez, because he's the new kid, and he wants to fit in. Carver doesn't really seem that into it, but agrees with an eye-roll and a "what the hell." And then they LITTER!

At the Terrace, the "5-0!" call goes out. The car -- blasting "American Woman," because of course Herc loves classic rock -- rolls slowly around the corner while the people loitering about move off the scene, trying to act casual. Our three justice-teers get out of the car and immediately start waving their dicks around, starting by browbeating a somewhat elderly-looking man who's just carrying a basket of laundry. They throw him down, kick the laundry around, and generally behave in a way that isn't going to make them any friends with the Terrace residents; sure enough, heckling voices can be heard up in the high-rise as people watch from their balconies. The two people they've roughed up don't seem to have any kind of contraband on them, but are still ordered to stay on the ground as the cops move back toward the car -- but of course Carver has to find one last way to make an ass of himself, yelling upward, "Y'all can let Barksdale and them know who owns these towers. 'Cause we're comin' back." Perhaps fearing that Prez might be disillusioned by the paltry results of their spectacular machismo, Carver explainst that they're going to come back in an hour and "catch everybody dirty."

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