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"You Cannot Lose If You Do Not Play"

Back in the pit of despair, Santangelo mops up the sick (or worse), and some other bald old detective in a suit (Mahone, I think) drunkenly slurs that he missed a spot. Santangelo does not take criticism with much grace, I'm sorry to report. McNulty rolls in, and everyone shoots him dirty looks. He tries not to notice the daggers they're staring as he shoulders his way through the detail to Daniels's office. "You found us," dours Daniels. "Wasn't easy," McNulty replies. "You asked for these guys?" "I asked for more manpower," Daniels defends. He deliberately sets a chair in the middle of his otherwise empty office and offers, "Have a seat," sinking down into the chair and leaving McNulty his skinny Irish haunches to settle on. Suddenly, there's a loud bang outside. Polk (I think) struggles down from the chair he's been standing on as Daniels and McNulty haul ass into the main room. Det. Roland "Prez" Pryzblewski has a service weapon in his hands and guilt all over his face, but Carver covers for him, saying that Prez was just showing him the trigger pull on Prez's Glock. Daniels turns to the teacher's pet for the real story, and Kima, without looking up from her paper, says, "Officer Pryzblewski shot the wall, Lieutenant." "Why?" asks McNulty. Prez sheepishly says he was showing Carver that his trigger pull is light. Daniels seriously looks like he's wondering how Cheese made it into his detail, love of chocolate milk or no. Prez goes on to say that he's "got it real light," and Carver defends him by saying that he took the clip out. "But not the one in the chamber," says Kima wearily, because that's a mistake she'd never make. Prez totally fails to read the room with the "boys will be boys" tone of the rest of his apology. Kima pipes up to ask if Daniels wants Prez to "write on it." Prez is like, "Huh?" McNulty explains: "You let one go, you gotta write. You gotta justify the use of deadly force." "Against a plaster wall," Kima adds. Carver, standing right under Daniels's stony face, tries to hide his smile, and Prez continues with his "no big deal" attitude. Finally, Daniels speaks: "Your name is what?" "Pryzblewski," says Prez, putting his service weapon away again. Daniels recognizes his name from the auto unit, but Prez, as Daniels inspects the bullet hole, says that his major there sent him to "Casualty Section" a couple of months ago: "And I asked out of Casualty." Everyone snickers. I'm not sure why, but I'm sure I'll learn. Because it's the Rocks for Jocks of policing, maybe? "You came here from Casualty Section?" asks Daniels.

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