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"You Cannot Lose If You Do Not Play"

A guy drums on some overturned buckets on a sidewalk somewhere in the Projects, while up above, Kima, Carver, and Herc walk out onto a rooftop. Kima crouches down, stealing along the edge of the roof, only standing next to a chimney or something that's as tall as she is. Herc kind of ruins her whole stealthy thing by tripping and loudly cursing about it; Carver asks her where she's taking them. He totally ignores her body language, so she hisses at him to get down: "You all ain't got no creep to you!" We get a shot from her vantage point: she has a clear view of an open sort of public square (not the Pit; this one is paved), which, at what appears to be midday, is sparsely populated with people sitting around innocently enough. Herc loudly complains that a rusted nail went through his shoe, and that he'll need a tetanus shot. Kima's like, "Yeah, god forbid your jaw were to lock up on us." Kima shakes her head, peers down at the square, and tells Carver to hand him the bag he's holding. He does; she opens it as Carver asks, "If you don't mind me asking, when was it that you first figured you liked women better than men?" I kind of want her to say she was straight until the day she met Herc, but instead, she dryly replies, "I mind you asking."

Down in the square, Bubbles hoists a garbage bag over his shoulder and makes his way to a knot of people, including Wee-Bey. Stinkum says he's out of "testers," but Bubbles tells him he's not looking to score, opening the bag as he goes into his sales patter: "One thing a downtown gentleman of colour like better than a new pair of downtown shoes is a downtown brim, right?" He produces a screaming red fedora. God, I wish the rest of that bag were crammed with matching Crayola-hued zoot suits.

Cut to a shot from Kima's position, as she frames Bubbles and his marks in her zoom lens. Stinkum takes the fedora, and Kima snaps off a shot; she takes another as he humours Bubbles by modeling it. Stinkum hands it to Wee-Bey, and Kima takes another couple of shots of Wee-Bey in his chapeau. "What's with the hats?" Carver asks, as Kima takes a shot of Wee-Bey giving Big Red back to Bubbles. Kima doesn't bother answering. Poor Carver.

Pit. The call rings out: "5-0!" "Shut it down." Poot and Wallace look back at D'Angelo as Bunk and McNulty roll up. On the couch, D'Angelo asks Bodie, "Clean?" He is. McNulty sets a wire crate on the ground, while Bunk settles his bulk down next to D'Angelo on the back of the couch. I hope Bunk didn't like that coat so much that he'd scruple to burn it later. D'Angelo looks amused; Bodie wary. McNulty reaches down and picks up a not-quite-empty vial with his bare hand, oh my god! You have kids, dude! "You ain't gonna put that one on me," warns D'Angelo, and indicates Bodie. "He a witness." "Is that what you think I'm about?" squints McNulty. He smirks at Bunk: "Boy thinks I'm gonna dirty him." "Like y'all won't do it," pouts Bodie. He crabs that "Western narcos" are always planting evidence on guys in the Pit. McNulty tells him he's not from the Western, nor is he a narco, nor does he dirty people, because he doesn't care about possession charges: "I'm a Murder police. I'm here about the bodies." He says that D'Angelo knows that: "He remembers me from the trial, right?" McNulty briefly recaps the scene at D'Angelo's hearing. "Y'all hassling me about that shit?" asks D'Angelo. McNulty: "This is just us talking, right?...Hey Bunk...a vial for your thoughts." He tosses it to Bunk, who rejoins, "I'm thinking it's one thing for one of you little Terrace niggers to shoot somebody in the lobby of the 221 building, you know? Who gives a fuck?" McNulty: "Right, but when you ace a witness--" "A working man," interjects Bunk. "--who ain't even in the game." D'Angelo's face closes down, and McNulty asks him, "You gonna act like this is news?" Bodie toughs, "I tell you this -- I don't know shit about shit, but I do know this: anybody who spend any time witnessin' shit, you gonna get got." Bodie gets off the couch and summons Poot and Wallace off with him. D'Angelo watches them go for a moment, and then makes to leave himself, but is soon joined by McNulty, who takes up Bodie's vacated seat to ask if D'Angelo agrees with Bodie's assessment.

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