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It's the morning after the Tussle In The Townhouse (also known as Omar's Flight to Freedom), and the coroner's office is wheeling out a body -- let's assume that it's Donnie's. A uniformed officer is taking down the crime-scene tape, and Detective Norris is giving one last glance at the scene of the crime -- from the looks of things, Omar took a four-story tumble, unless he sprouted wings or was packing a parachute underneath that Kevlar vest. And with that, Norris takes off to continue what is sure to be a cursory and uninspired investigation, while a young man on a moped watches the police disperse. Say...members of Marlo's crew use mopeds...

Yes, they do. And they have now descended upon their scene of the crime to look furiously for Omar -- Look to the skies! KEEP WATCHING THE SKIES! -- with no one looking more furiously than Chris. Guess some people don't like the idea of a wounded criminal mastermind on the loose who's likely perturbed about their roles in last night's ambush. Anyhow, Chris is searching through vacant buildings. Monk has gone and gotten himself a suit and a tin-foil badge and is pretending to be a police detective so he can ask would-be witnesses if they've seen anyone matching Omar's description: "We're looking for a man went after a woman last night at Esplanda Apartments, the ones right behind you," Detective Monk wants to know. "Heard anything unusual?" The lady he's asking did not, but she does ask about the well-being of the made-up victim. "Huh?" a distracted and disinterested Monk responds, before hastily adding, "Yeah, yeah, she good." Impressive work, Detective Monk -- now add some obsessive-compulsive quirks and a Randy Newman soundtrack, and your disguise will be complete. On second thought, just stick to the obsessive-compulsive quirks.

Snoop is pursuing another line of inquiry, walking into an emergency room and asking if she can visit her "brother" Omar, who is likely recuperating in this very hospital. "He fell out the damn window," Snoop says, shaking her head sadly. Nobody named Omar Little here, ma'am. "He was kinda, you know, high," Snoop says. "Probably messed up his name. Real dark, got himself a scar." No one answering to that description at the hospital, either. Snoop saunters way from the receptionist's desk and pulls out a pad of paper, where she crosses another name off the list -- judging by the length of the list and the number of crosses, she's pulled this stunt at seven other hospitals today.

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