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"Dope On The Damn Table"

We open with cops swarming Orlando's car at the scene of the ambush. It's hard to tell whether anyone's leading anything as photos are snapped, evidence is gathered, and Carver stands with Sydnor, both looking shell-shocked. Jay is one of the officers we recognize, and he hurries over to greet Rawls as soon as he arrives. Jay reports that Cole and Norris are the primaries on the case; Cole is around, and Norris is at the hospital. "What do you need?" asks Rawls. Jay says that he needs "room to work." He keeps trying to send people off, but DEA, Narcotics, and cops from two districts are all up in his grill. Seeing an opportunity where his reputation as a gigantic prick can actually be useful, Rawls bellows at the assembled personnel not to move. After a moment, everyone settles down and listens, and Rawls yells that anyone who hasn't been assigned a specific task by a Homicide detective needs to get lost. The camera pans across some uniformed extras, to a determined (sweaty) Bunk and a jaw-clenching Sydnor, and then Rawls quits yelling and the bustle resumes. Rawls tells Jay to slow things "down to a crawl," to make sure no one gets a chance to fuck anything up. They make their way to the car, where Orlando's body is still on the blood-spattered seat. As Rawls, Cole, and Jay look in from the driver's side, Bunk fishes around under the passenger-side seat and wrenches out Kima's gun, which he says was "wedged all the way to the back." "She couldn't get to it," observes Jay, somewhat unnecessarily. Bunk explained that she did tape it to the front, but as soon as she put any weight on the worn-out old seats, the tape came loose: "Gun slid back behind the mesh as they drove, probably." Rawls asks where her support was, and Jay summarizes the chaos of the moment. Rawls exposits that there were two cars following her and a helicopter overhead, but no one saw any vehicles fleeing the scene. Moving around the scene, he gets to some police tape at the mouth of the alley the shooters came down. Jay calls over Bunk and a few other detectives.

Elsewhere, Herc rolls up on the scene and climbs out of his car, looking lost and distressed. He spreads his hands at Carver and Sydnor, asking, "What the fuck happened?," but both look too shell-shocked to answer.

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