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"Dope On The Damn Table"

Orlando's. Perhaps a change of the business name wouldn't be out of order. Avon stalks in, looking pissed, and Stringer dumps a bag on the bar, worrying, "It ain't worth it...It ain't worth it at ten times the price." "A fucking cop, man, a cop?" hisses Avon. "How stupid is this motherfucker? You see a bitch in the car, change it up!" I mean, honestly. Stringer has apparently been in contact with Savino, who says that he tried to give Wee-Bey and Little Man a signal, but that it was too dark, and he didn't know where they'd be coming from. Stringer opens the bag, saying that they have to burn the money it contains: "This is cop money. It's probably marked somehow." Sorry, DEA. Stringer recaps that the guns are in the sewer; they have nothing to fear from Wee-Bey, who is "a rock." But he's concerned about "the bitch cop," who'll put Wee-Bey and Little Man at the scene. Avon asks what's up with Little Man, and Stringer says simply, "He's scared. He shot a cop." "Fuck," says Avon. Stringer euphemises, "I put Bey on that." Avon asks about Savino. Stringer says that he has to "eat the chage": "But he knew that. So if he keep his story tight, he gonna be all right." Avon crabs that they knew Orlando was "a snitching motherfucker," but that now they have cash: "He got us caught up!" Stringer takes the blame on that one: "Bey and Savino came to me with the idea that, yo, if they take Orlando, they can take the cash, too. I was like, 'All right, you all get your payday--'" Avon turns on Stringer: "How the fuck is Orlando gonna front this type of cash?" Stringer, chastened, looks down, saying he knows. Sure, now. He adds that he fucked up. I hate it when Mommy and Daddy fight! Avon calms down, because obviously he can't fire Stringer over this (or much else, frankly), and tells Stringer to take the cash outside and burn it: "Tell Wee-Bey to clean up the mess before he jet." Stringer angrily throws the gym bag into a black garbage bag and stomps out back. I'm kind of relieved we didn't see much of the cash first, so that we didn't get too attached.

Outside Bubbs's interrogation room, Holley is bringing McNulty up to date, saying that Bubbs was "throwing 911 messages" to Kima's pager. He claims that he asked Bubbs why, and that Bubbs "raised up": "Shit got outta hand." McNulty chooses not to dispute this tall tale, and once Holley's moved on, McNulty asks Bunk, of Bubbs, "Does he know?" He doesn't. McNulty goes in. We can hear a little of Bubbs's angry prattle about his treatment, and then cut to a view through the grate as McNulty quietly informs Bubbs about Kima's condition. Bubbs breaks down, and immediately makes with the recriminations against McNulty, asking where he was. Finally, both men sit to talk about it reasonably (or as reasonably as possible, under the circumstances), and Bunk's spying is interrupted when Jay comes up behind him to say that they didn't get any prints off the passenger-side door of Orlando's car. Bunk, disappointed, asks about the dash, but Jay wearily tells him to call the lab.

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