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"Dope On The Damn Table"

And then we see that Ronnie has been able to keep her emotions in check until she and McNulty have achieved egress from Levy's office building to tell him to fuck himself: "You didn't tell me that was coming!" McNulty seems to feel the ends justify the means. Ronnie says that Levy will only bring Savino in if he can: "That's not the point!...Maury Levy is a past officer of the Monumental Bar Association, and unless I want to spend my whole life as a fucking ASA, I can't spend my afternoons pissing on people who matter!" The Monumental Bar Association? Is the bar, like, really big or something? "Another career in the balance," sneers McNulty, of course, and they exchange more "fuck you"s, because that's helpful. McNulty accuses Ronnie that people like Savino don't go to jail because everyone like Ronnie just wants to be a judge, or a highly paid defense attorney. Basically, the entire Barksdale organization is Ronnie's fault, according to McNulty. "You'll just use anyone, won't you?" says Ronnie sadly. McNulty sets his jaw, because he can only dish it out.

Detail office. Prez has been working on 07, and found a pattern traced back to a pay phone at a hospital emergency room. Lester guesses that it happened the day Stinkum got killed. "And Wee-Bey got shot in the leg," Prez confirms. "That was the talk on the wire, anyway," says Lester. They don't know? Carver and Herc saw him right afterward. But okay, I guess. Prez believes that going to the hospital and looking at the records for that night will turn up Wee-Bey; he's convinced that Wee-Bey is 07. Lester brings it home, putting both Wee-Bey and Little Man at the pay phone, paging Stringer, right after the shooting. Yay, all of us are caught up in the same episode!

Rawls, Foerster, and Daniels bring Burrell up to date. Burrell remembers that he's the one who demanded the controlled buy and put Kima "in harm's way," so he wants to make sure they're doing everything to cover his ass, though he doesn't say the last part. Foerster promises that they are doing everything. Burrell says that Frazier wants raids citywide: "Any door we can take, any addresses we can write on, anything connected to a narcotics case." Daniels shakes his head slightly, disappointed, as Burrell rants on: "CID, tactical, the DEUs, and tomorrow, on the six o'clock news, we put a lot of fucking dope on the table. A lot of it!" "Dope on the table?" repeats Daniels dubiously. "We need to let them know who we are," blusters Burrell. Um, dude, I'm pretty sure they know. You're the guys whose thirty grand they just burned. "The commissioner wants to send a message, Lieutenant," says Burrell. "You make sure you and your people do everything possible to see that it is heard." Daniels says nothing, possibly out of fear that if he does, it'll just be a stream of extremely filthy expletives; Foerster hustles him out before he can bite Burrell's head off, Rawls close behind.

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