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"Dope On The Damn Table"

Lester, surrounded by unis and CSIs, hangs up the pay phone Wee-Bey used, ordering the techs to dust the receiver, the coin return, and the top of the box for prints. As a cop takes photos, Lester stoops to pick up Little Man's can -- and it turns out to have been Slice! I totally thought it was some kind of beer. Lester orders the can dusted too. I was about to say that they could probably find some of Little Man's saliva in it as well, but if he's already been marked for execution, he's got bigger problems than being tracked down by the cops.

In the hall at the hospital, Carver sits with Cheryl. Nearby, all the cops stand at the nurse's station, getting an update from the doctor, who soon takes off without telling Cheryl a thing. Once he's gone, Carver comes over to Daniels: "I'm sitting over there with Kima's girl, and maybe somebody from the department or the city maybe might want to say something." Daniels gazes at Cheryl a moment, but before something classy happens -- you know, by accident -- Burrell joins them to ask, "Who's here from the family? A daughter, you say?" Carver doesn't get it at first, and Burrell asks, "Officer Greggs has a girl?" Not able to tell the Deputy that it's the other kind of "Kima's girl," Carver looks at Daniels, who euphemises that Cheryl's "a roommate." Indicating Cheryl for Burrell, Daniels exposits that the rest of Kima's family is in Richmond, and that they're driving up today. Burrell seems to intuit the real relationship between Kima and Cheryl, gets uncomfortable about it, and goes to tell Frazier the situation. Carver and Daniels watch as Frazier apparently declines the opportunity to comfort a lady lover, and Burrell, frowning, barrels forward, saying he'll do it himself. Of the pussy-ass commissioner, Carver sneers, "No problem. If we lose her, he can always pose for the funeral." know, as long as Cheryl's not standing too close to the hole.

McNulty, surprising no one, has decided that instead of going home to shower off some of Kima's blood, he'd rather take that straight to the detail office. He tosses his bag on the table, and in the absense of any personnel around, the first thing he notices is Kima's baseball cap on a nearby table.

McNulty washes up in the detail office sink. Looking in the mirror, he sees the blood on his face, apparently for the first time. He takes off his shirt (his naked chest giving the episode one of its few happy moments -- for me, anyway) and puts on a fresh one (ensuring that the moment doesn't last indecently long, given Kima's circumstances).

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