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"...A Little Slow, A Little Late"

Cop shop. McNulty is fussing with some papers in a chart on the wall as Bunk fills him in on what Quincy said, with the added information that Boyd and Leggatt were "straight-up drug executions," though there wasn't any mention of a "Dee" in either of those files. Bunk did get a fresh number onTywanda the telephone tipster. McNulty flicks the paper he's been looking at, asking if Bunk's seen it; as Bunk looks, McNulty calls out to "Jaybird," asking whether he's seen "Saturday's 24s." Jay did, Sunday morning. McNulty asks about one on the Westside: "John Bailey, in a Kevlar vest, lit up by three separate shooters." (Bailey, if I am not mistaken, is what we just learned in this episode is the real name of the character I've been calling Dylan.) Anyway, McNulty can't believe that Jay could connect Diedre to D'Angelo, but that he wouldn't think Bailey had anything to do with Barksdale. Stomping off, Jay defends that Worden, who caught the case, is on the other shift, so Jay's got his hands full with his own cases. Full hands, and a red ass, I now know for a fact.

Bunk and McNulty meet with Tywanda at chic apartment as she pulls the curtains, asking what took them so long. Bunk: "You might've heard, we get a few murders here in Baltimore. Sometimes we get backed up." Oh, I know that. It's why I never want to visit. Tywanda nervously confirms that they weren't followed there, and as he and Bunk sit down, McNulty asks why they would have been followed. Tywanda says that "Diedre was playing with scary people." McNulty asks whom. By way of answer, Tywanda stalks out of the room. Bunk gets up and follows, reminding her that she called Keeley to say that she'd talked to Diedre the night she was killed. As McNulty nosily flips through a notebook on the coffee table, Tywanda exasperatedly says that Diedre had called; it was late, and she didn't talk long, because "Dee" was at the door. Bunk clarifies that this was the last time Tywanda spoke with her, and Tywanda says it was, since Diedre was killed that night. McNulty asks whether Dee was Diedre's boyfriend, but Tywanda says that he was Diedre's boyfriend's nephew, "or something." Bunk presses that "Dee" was D'Angelo Barksdale, and McNulty pipes up to see that the uncle was Avon. "You know Avon?" asks Tywanda. Bunk says the question is how Tywanda knows him: "You out there running the street with the players?" Bunk, I believe the fertility statue on the side table says otherwise, and quite clearly. Also, she already said Diedre's friends were scary. But, whoops. Tywanda actually says that she used to run the street with the players, but that Diedre's murder scared her straight. She exposits that she and Diedre used to go to Odell's for Ladies' Night, and one night Avon was there, in a big booth with his entourage, "acting like he was king of everything. And Diedre ate that shit up." Tywanda says she won't lie -- she did the "club thing" for a while -- but that all the people in those places are "on some kind of game." Bunk says that Diedre stuck with Avon, and Tywanda says that they were together for a year, but that Diedre got possessive toward the end, which Avon -- who was exercising all his options, tail-wise -- didn't appreciate. Diedre vacillated between yelling at Avon, crying, and threatening him -- you know, like all your crazy exes, except for how you didn't have them killed. Uh, right? Tywanda adds, "One time, she threatened to write a letter on him." Bunk looks up sharply at this: "A letter?" "A letter to the state's attorney," says Tywanda. "Supposed to be some sort of kin to her? She said if he dumped her, she was going to tell about the drugs." McNulty asks whether Diedre ever did write the letter, but Tywanda doesn't know. Tywanda tried to talk to Diedre about the way she was acting, but Diedre didn't stop: "She even had it out with him in his club one night in front of all the people who were there." McNulty perks up: "Avon has a club." Tywanda: "Orlando's. Titty bar." According to Diedre, Avon owned it, along with "a whole mess of stuff." Like, um. Pagers?

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