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"...A Little Slow, A Little Late"

Orlando's. Tits ahoy! Girls fraternize with patrons; we see Shardene chatting with some dude at the end of the bar. Off to the side, D'Angelo asks Orlando how he can work there "and not just OD on pussy." I kind of want Orlando to tell him what Jonathan Silverman's gynecologist character told Rachel on that episode of Friends a million years ago, but Orlando actually implies that dealing with "these bitches and their problems for a few days" would break D'Angelo's pussy addiction in a hurry: "Get so you'd rather be running a goddamn laundromat out this fucker." That could work -- it's another cash business, and could even be open twenty-four hours a day! D'Angelo chuckles, and Orlando says he's heard that D'Angelo's been doing well at the Pit. D'Angelo's like, "Yeah, well," and Orlando asks if D'Angelo's been hearing different. D'Angelo says that he's still working on salary, and Orlando implies that he's in the same situation himself. D'Angelo can't believe Orlando isn't getting some kind of performance-based incentive, but Orlando says that he's just the front: "Clean name for the liquor board." Before they can get into it, though, there's a fracas down at the end of the bar, as Shardene's patron has a dispute with the bartender over which money paid for which drink. Back to Orlando, who says he isn't calling out D'Angelo's uncle or anything, "but damn, give a nigga a chance! Plenty of pie out there for everybody." "Believe," agrees D'Angelo. Orlando tells D'Angelo about Stinkum's promotion, and his percentage-based pay schedule. D'Angelo doesn't seem to believe it, but when Orlando throws in details about location, D'Angelo, brow furrowed, asks, "My uncle gave that to Stink?" "Figured you knew," says Orlando...

...moving off to settle the matter at the bar. ("I gave you $20!" "That was for the drink before!" Etc.) The bartender waits for Orlando to rule in her favour, and the patron turns on Shardene, complaining that he's been sitting there buying her drinks for an hour and a half. He appeals to Orlando: "Look, man, this ain't right. I just spent $120 in drinks, $40 in tips." Guy, if you've been taken for that much, for that long, you have bigger problems than either Orlando or Shardene can solve for you. He then implies that, after all that, Shardene tried to pick his pocket; as she denies it, Orlando gets the bouncers in on it and start to hustle the patron out. But before he can leave, Shardene takes some folded bills out of her bag and puts them in the guy's breast pocket. The guy leaves, mollified, and D'Angelo, hanging over the stair railing behind Shardene's head, asks her why she did that. She looks up at him balefully, and D'Angelo asks, "Did you take his money?" "No, I didn't take his money," says Shardene bitterly. D'Angelo comes down and sits next to her, dropping a bill on the bar in front of her. "You buying me a drink?" asks Shardene incredulously, and D'Angelo tells her, "Can I see you sometime? Like, you know. Not in here." Shardene smiles a little, like she's thinking about it, but before she can answer, she looks up to see Orlando's censorious face looming over her as he pretends to wipe down the bar. He moves off, and as Shardene flattens out the bill, she explains to D'Angelo, "I don't usually see men that I meet in here." D'Angelo knits his brow a little, but goes back toward the stairs. "Usually," Shardene adds quietly, but loudly enough that D'Angelo turns back, and they share a smile.

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