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"...A Little Slow, A Little Late"

Parked in a cop car are McNulty, Daniels, and Kima, the last wondering what kind of strip club has a camera pointing out. Daniels conjectures that there's more to it than the girls. McNulty recaps: "So he's got the club, he's got the warehouse, he's got the apartment building by Druid Hill Lake, he's got the tow truck company -- and that's just what [Tywanda] knew from what he bragged about to the dead girl." "Major likes assets," says Kima. "The Deputy too, I imagine," adds Daniels. "Nothing like a few property forfeitures to swell the departmental operation budget," says McNulty. Daniels tells Kima to check the city records to see who owns the club, and to run the company name through the state corporate charter office. McNulty also mentions Dylan's murder: "Thirty-nine casings on the scene, from three different guns." "Overkill for a burn bag," says Kima, "but about right if he was running with Omar." Daniels and McNulty share a look, like they hadn't considered that, uh duh. Daniels notices D'Angelo as he wanders out the front door studying a napkin. He gets a page -- which, of course, so does McNulty; he hands it back to Kima to take notes, and she bitches, "Just once, I wish they'd use the right number." She hands it back, and they all watch D'Angelo hoof it up the street. I hope that, if that's Shardene's number he's got, he waits five days to call her.

In their bedroom, Omar is bestowing Boo's dollar-sign necklace upon Brandon, commenting that it isn't like Dylan to be late. Oh my God, Omar's got one of those hanging wicker chairs. That is such a specific, smurfy detail; I love it. My aunt had one of those when she was a teenager and I thought she was the coolest person in the entire world. She also collected ladybug-themed items, and whether we ever see confirmation of it or not, I'm just going to pretend Omar does, too. Anyway, Brandon puts the necklace on the dresser and briefly peers outside. We switch to a long shot, so we can see that Omar and Brandon are strapping up with a small arsenal, getting ready for battle again. Brandon shit-talks Dylan, complaining that he's a dope fiend (just like the original Dylan! Some more!) and therefore can't be relied upon -- only he says so much more swearingly. Omar doesn't like that kind of talk, and complains that Brandon's always got to say "F" this and "F" that. Brandon says that if he gives up the "F" word, he loses half of what he means to say. Omar claims that nobody wants to hear "them dirty words" (with which I beg to fucking differ), "especially coming from such a beautiful mouth." Omar caresses Brandon's face; there's a little thumb-sucking, and then a little face-sucking, and apparently all is forgiven. As Omar picks up his shotgun, Brandon asks if they're going to wait for Dylan. "Early bird catch the worm, dog." He does not add, "Let's do this thing." But do this thing, they do.

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