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"...A Little Slow, A Little Late"

Avon & Co. arrive at a ward with six or eight beds in it, and pulls a chair up next to one furthest from the door, in which a man is apparently sleeping. Before he sits, Avon takes in the sight of his brother and breathes, "Damn." This doesn't seem to reassure D'Angelo, who hangs back, warily. Uncle Barksdale -- I'll call him Revlon -- doesn't react at all as Avon puts a hand to his cheek and philosophizes, "You never figured on this, did you?" He probably never figured on you wearing magenta jeans with a matching jacket, either, Avon, but Revlon's evidently going to suffer a lot of disappointment in this life. D'Angelo shuffles, and Avon bitterly says, "'Live the life, lead the life. Ain't no big thing.' He used to talk that shit all the time, and he believed it, you know what I'm saying?" To Revlon, he taunts, "What's up, baby -- talk that shit now." D'Angelo, trying to escape, quietly says that it's kind of hard to be in there right now. "He scare you, don't he?" prods Avon. D'Angelo cuts his eyes to the figure in the bed and tries to stammer an excuse, but Avon interrupts, "He scares me." He pats Revlon's hand, and confides that if Revlon were dead, Avon could "carry it better": "Coming up the way we did, you kind of expect that. Waiting on it. See, the thing is, you only gotta fuck up once. Be a little slow, be a little late. Just once. And how you ain't gonna never be slow? Never be late? You can't plan for no shit like this, man. It's life." Avon leans back, sighing, and pats Revlon's hand. "Yeah. Scares me." He caresses Revlon's head, regretful. D'Angelo's like, "I'll the next county."

Kima and McNulty are staking out Omar's van again, as she tells him that they're still using it; she came by on Saturday night, and it was gone. "On your own time?" McNulty asks, suspicious of her industry. Instead of answering, Kima asks, "You still getting your boys?" As McNulty says that they're coming over that night, to sleep over, Omar and Brandon appear, in broad daylight, and hop into the van without a care in the world. "Omar's rolling," says Kima. The van pulls off, and McNulty rolls around the corner in pursuit. Seatbelts, officers! The van pulls into a nearby cemetery, confusing them, and Kima asks, "Call for backup?" McNulty says that they should see how it plays out, pursuing the van into the graveyard. The van finally stops at a fence, which McNulty takes to be "an invitation." Kima says she feels "a little lonely for backup," as does McNulty. They look at each other, and then Kima hops out, saying that she'll check the rear of the van. McNulty says that he'll watch the boys, who are now getting out, with their hands up. Both officers have their guns in their hands, pointing at the ground. McNulty greets them pleasantly, and Omar comments that if the cops were going to be using their weapons, they would have done so by now. McNulty smirks, by way of acknowledgement, and holsters his weapon. Meanwhile, Kima peers in the back of the van and pronounces it clean. "Got to keep it clean," says Omar. "We having one of our little parlays like this, got to keep it clean, right?" McNulty comments that for Omar to be gunless on the street must be a first. "Sometimes, who you are is enough, dog," says Omar matter-of-factly, which is a good point. McNulty grins, and Omar adds that, with the cops staking out his van, he thought that he'd make it easy for them, but that he isn't taking any charge, and that they won't be putting him in any cage. "We're not here to bury you, Omar," says McNulty -- somewhat predictably, given the setting: "We're pulling you up 'cause we've got a problem in common." Omar's like, "Problem?" "Barksdale," says McNulty. Omar says that Barksdale isn't a problem, but McNulty's not so sure: "Avon's been chalking up a lot of bodies. And you being you--" Omar admits that Barksdale might be a problem, from that perspective, but that he still can't help the cops: "Snitchin' just rubs me wrong. Personally, I don't think the game is played like that." Brandon proudly watches his man be all strong and tough with the cops. McNulty says that they can respect that, but introduces himself and Kima, saying that if Omar does take a charge, he should drop their names, and they'll sort it out. Omar says that's fair enough.

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