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"...A Little Slow, A Little Late"

Wallace and Poot walk into Greek's, a takeout joint, Poot asking Wallace how he got D'Angelo to pay out. Wallace tough-talks that he told D'Angelo if he didn't pay up, Wallace would take it out of the count. "Shit," says Poot. Wallace: "Look. I'll pump niggas when I got to." Check out the big balls on Wallace! Except we all know the real reason Wallace got paid was that he asked for it, so save it, cornrows. As Wallace checks out the menu, Poot checks out the talent standing around...which includes Brandon, in the corner playing pinball while a pretty girl looks on. Hm, Brandon couldn't possibly be gay for pay, could he? Poot squints at Brandon, and then tugs at Wallace's sleeve to point Brandon out: "That's him." Wallace looks, and though he doesn't seem as sure that he recognizes Brandon, he takes Poot's word for it and grabs him, pulling him outside. As they go, the camera pushes in on Brandon, commemorating his last happy moments. Pinball is fun, you guys.

Outside, Wallace and Poot rush over to a nearby pay phone, which Wallace uses to dial a number; we can see him bouncing over the 5 to use the code, just as Prez figured out.

Back at the detail office, the coded number comes up on a monitor; this time, under it, is "911 911 911." Rather.

Somewhere, D'Angelo makes for a pay phone; at the detail office, the real number comes up on the monitor. Wallace picks up, and confirms that D'Angelo wants them to wait. They hang up. Back at the office, the monitor records that the matter of Brandon's life or death was settled in twelve seconds.

Somewhere else, Stinkum watches as Scar, and some other guy, play with a dog in a field.

At his pay phone, D'Angelo dials another number. We go through the drill at the detail office again.

In another car, also staking out Scar, are Wee-Bey and Stringer. The latter gets a page, and asks Wee-Bey to find him a phone: "My man Dee got himself an emergency." "What, he been stuck up again?" asks Wee-Bey. Hey, if you ask Bodie, he never stopped being stuck-up.

Stringer calls D'Angelo, who reports on Wallace and Poot's sighting at Greek's. Stringer tells him he'll take care of it. Office; monitors.

Outside Greek's, Poot and Wallace shiver in the cold. Poot complains that no one's coming, but stalwart Wallace reminds him, "Dee said wait. Dee said wait." So wait they do.

By his phone, D'Angelo also waits.

At Greek's, a couple of expensive-looking SUVs pull up. Stringer lowers his window and checks with Wallace that Brandon's still inside. Wallace says he is, playing videogames, and Stringer compliments him on being "sharp," asking his name. Wallace tells him, while Poot stands by pouting that Wallace took the credit for the big salad that is the Brandon sighting. Stringer lines up his boys, who look ready.

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