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"...A Little Slow, A Little Late"

In the same bad neighbourhood we saw him in earlier, Omar walks the streets, whistling "The Farmer In The Dell." Some bystanders seem excited to see the local celebrity, while Hoodie comments to Boo that "something ain't right," and various other people warn the populace at large that "he's got that boom," "he's packing," "here he come." Ah, I see: Hoodie and Boo are Eastside slingers, totally unprepared for a visit from Omar; seeing him, they take off running, right to the alley where Dylan and Brandon are waiting, guns drawn. Omar comes up behind Boo and Hoodie, shotgun drawn, and uses the muzzle to nudge Boo's dollar-sign pendant: "Mm-MMM. 'The cheese stands alone.'" Hee. Boo doesn't look like his benefits package adequately mitigates for calamities like this.

In the Pit, Poot and Bodie shoot the shit on the couch. D'Angelo rolls up, and Poot informs D'Angelo that Bodie thinks you can't get "the bug" (that would be HIV) "just by getting your dick sucked." In fact, Bodie said that if one could, he would already be infected. Good to know he doesn't discriminate in this arena, I guess. Bodie elaborates, to Poot, "You gotta be in some pussy to get it, all right? Man, wear a coat if you want; don't nobody like sucking on a rubber." Oh, and he's considerate of his partners, too. "How would you know?" deadpans D'Angelo. Poot laughs, and D'Angelo soon joins in. Off Bodie's cold look, Poot shuts his face, and Bodie snaps, "Who you trying to fuck, anyway?" Poot reports, "Arletta Mouzone. Treenee's cousin." Oh, how I wish Brother Mouzone's first name were Treenee. Bodie says that, in that case, Poot should use a "big-ass condom" -- maybe even a trash bag. Charming! He adds, "I wouldn't run up in that bitch with D'Angelo's dick." Bodie then looks deflated that the remark hasn't occasioned any reaction from D'Angelo. Hey, maybe ignoring bullies really will make them back down. This whole time, pretty much, D'Angelo's been watching Wallace, sitting over at the corner of one of the low-rises, playing with an action figure. Man, you really forget sometimes that these kids are so young. Bodie takes D'Angelo's attention as a cue for him to take action himself, and he gets up and stomps over toward Wallace, picking up an empty 40 bottle on the way and hurling it at the wall just above Wallace's head. Wallace yelps, and brings his hand up to his forehead, apparently cut with a piece of glass shrapnel. Bodie, to the Pit at large, bellows, "Easy to see why niggers come around here stealing our shit!" But apparently that wasn't what D'Angelo was looking for, and he strides up to get in Bodie's face, but before they can take any action on each other's faces, D'Angelo gets a page, and gets to save face by taking off to the phone.

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