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Dinner over, D'Angelo and Donette discuss their shrimp, which they agree was "right." D'Angelo glances around at the other patrons in the restaurant, finally asking Donette, "Do you think they know?...You know, what I'm about." Donette doesn't get what he means. He explains that they got all dressed up, came across town for dinner, and later are going to go for a walk in the harbour, "act like [they] belong down there." Donette squints, "Your money good, right?" She points out that they're not the only black people there, and D'Angelo says that it's not about that: "It's about where we...Come on, you know." He says that he feels like, as hard as he tries, he just can't get anywhere. The waiter approaches to ask if they want dessert, and Donette says they do. You've got to love a place with a dessert cart, I don't care who you are. Donette leans forward to say that no one gives a damn about D'Angelo and his story: "You got money, you get to be whatever you say you are." True, but the acrylics do tend to give you away. As Jay Gatsby would be the first to tell you. The waiter returns with the dessert cart, and per Donette's wishes, D'Angelo grabs a piece of chocolate cake and hands it to her without a word. The waiter graciously takes it back, explaining that those are just samples. Donette and D'Angelo glare at each other as the waiter goes to get Donette her slice, and then D'Angelo waves him off. Donette sourly digs in. That's no way to eat dessert! If it's not a celebration, you're definitely doing it wrong.

At the cop shop, Carver and Herc shoot pool in a break room of some sort as Bodie sits on a couch against the wall, a can of pop on the floor, eating a sandwich. "Admit you're wrong!" Herc exhorts him. "Be a man!" Bodie drawls, "Yeah, I gotta confess, this sub beat chink-ass Bob's by a mile." He then moves on to cracking on Herc's pool skills. Herc doesn't think Bodie could do any better, but Bodie claims, "I play." "Says he plays," Herc tells Carver, who beams, "He might!" Bodie, indicating the cuff on his wrist, says he's "even better with two hands."

In an office we've seen before, Avon and Stringer have a jargon-filled business discussion, which ends with Avon telling Stringer to "holler at the boy Scar -- let him know, man, it's time for him to take a stroll. If he give you any beef at all, we'll put Wee-Bey and Bird on it." Stringer agrees. Avon adds that once Scar is gone, they'll send in the "smokers" to "run out all the little poop-butt locals and shit." You guys are talking council? Church choir? Pub quiz? Anyway, whatever the hell they're talking about, Stinkum gets to be in charge of it. ...Pickup lacrosse team?

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