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"...When It's Not Your Turn"

At a hospital, Bubbles is keeping a vigil at Johnny's bedside when Kima walks in. She says she thought he was locked up, but he says he's been out three months. "You don't write, you don't call," she says ruefully. She looks at Johnny, asking who he is. "A friend," says Bubbles sadly. "Is he gonna make it?" Kima asks. "You still working drugs?" says Bubbles by way of answer. She says she is. Bubbles tells her he's got something for her.

Homicide. Jay rolls up to the cube of a clearly ailing Bunk, stealing up behind him to scream, "LAST CALL!" Hee. He gives Bunk the address on a found body. Bunk, sucking on his coffee, protests, "I'm a little thin today, boss." "The whole squad's a little thin, remember?" says Jay. "We're down a man since your partner got himself detailed." Yeah, they're shampooing his upholstery and everything! Wait, that wasn't supposed to sound dirty. Jay hands Bunk the card with the address of the body; Bunk reluctantly and slowly takes it.

Cop cars have descended outside a school. Bunk pulls up and is greeted by a uniformed cop, who tells him that there were one or two shots to the head, but no witnesses or suspects. Looky-loos crowd about...uh, looking on; among them is D'Angelo. Bobby tells Bunk that the victim is William Gant, forty-three years old. So he was right to be scared in court, it would appear. As the cops roll the body onto his back, we hear the prosecutor from D'Angelo's trial asking Gant whether he can identify the shooter, and then get a blue-tinted flashback of Gant pointing out D'Angelo. Recognizing the victim, D'Angelo stumbles backward, out of the scrum, and wanders off as his late accuser is loaded into an ambulance.

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