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"...When It's Not Your Turn"

So, Nakeesha: she's a security guard at a housing project, where she has a view of the lobby of the tower she guards. The prosecutor asks what she saw on the night in question, and she says that a guy was waiting for the elevator when another guy "just started beating on him." Apparently, the beater, who was knocked down in the fracas, had a gun. The prosecutor confidently asks whether Nakeesha sees the gunman in the courtroom. Nakeesha theatrically looks around; her eyes fall on Stringer, who gives another minuscule nod. Nakeesha leans forward and spits into the mic: "Nope." The prosecutor's like, "Excuse me?" "He ain't here," Nakeesha elaborates. The prosecutor looks at the judge, who sort of wrinkles his forehead. Cut to McNulty, looking irritated, but not surprised. The prosecutor loses her composure and, as D'Angelo and Levy look at her faux-innocently, she shows Nakeesha a photo array on which she'd previously identified D'Angelo; Nakeesha doesn't deny it. The prosecutor asks whether she didn't initial the photo, and Nakeesha says, "He isn't the one who did the shootin'." She says that D'Angelo looks like the shooter, but that she saw the real perpetrator come into the building a week later. The prosecutor says that Nakeesha never told any of that to the cops, and Nakeesha says she tried, officiously consulting a day planner to say that she called Detective Barlow on May 13 at 2 PM, but that he didn't call her back. McNulty, disgusted, gets up to leave, stopping on his way to lean down to Stringer: "Nicely done." Stringer, without looking at McNulty, smirks like, "Yeah, baby, I know it."

McNulty walks into a depressingly bland yet file-crowded office space that has GOT to be some cop shop or other. In the foreground, a guy is on the phone trying to get a quote on pressure-treated lumber, and from what we can hear of his side of the conversation, it isn't going quite as he had hoped: "That's your price? That's the price that you were going to quote me." He sits down to deliver the finishing blow: "Well, do you feel that, Mikey? Do you feel it? Because that is my fucking dick in your ear." And, indeed, the guy is holding the phone receiver to his groin. Anti-bacterial wipes were made for offices like this. Seeing McNulty, the guy -- presumably Barlow, the detective on the Barksdale case -- briefly puts Mikey on hold to ask what he wants. McNulty says that Barlow's case "just hit the wall": "Barksdale's crew. They turned it." Barlow doesn't believe it, based on the two eyewitnesses and statement; McNulty raises his eyebrows and ambles off, leaving Barlow to abuse the lumber guy some more.

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