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"...When It's Not Your Turn"

McNulty climbs a narrow flight of stairs to a crime scene containing Bunk, who's standing over a dead body, holding a lit stogie. "Smoke 'em if you got 'em," he advises, "because this motherfucker is as ripe as they get." McNulty complains that a "Nolan" should have caught the call, but that Bunk had to pick up the phone. "Gotta pay down my credit cards," Bunk defends. "Not off him, you ain't," crabs McNulty. After some back and forth, McNulty makes Bunk say the magic words: "All right, then: this is my case. My file. This shit comes back a murder, you ain't gotta do shit but stand there and laugh at me. You happy now, you bitch?" "This'll teach you to give a fuck when it ain't your term," says McNulty, IRONICALLY. "It ain't even gonna be a murder!" replies Bunk. "This motherfucker probably came in here to take a shit or something and just fell out!" "You hope," smirks McNulty, taking off. Bunk asks where he's going. "Back to the office, where I belong," McNulty disingenuouses. Left alone with the corpse, Bunk has no one else to complain to, and curses the departed: "You moldering motherfucker." Hee. Okay, it's mean -- but it's a little funnier if you picture it engraved in marble.

Upstairs, Daniels is stomping out of his meeting, as Maj. Raymond Foerster (Richard DeAngelis) hectors, "By tomorrow, Lieutenant. Don't fail me." Daniels watches Foerster stalk into his office and slam the door, at which Kima observes, "Major's pissed." "He should be," says Daniels, telling her that the major wasn't able to answer the deputy's questions about Avon Barksdale. "Who?" says Kima. Oh, man. Were we ever so young? "That's what I said," Daniels snorts. "Who the fuck is Avon Barksdale?" presses Kima. Daniels says that Phelan's telling everyone about this "Westside player who apparently indulges in the occasional murder." Daniels had never heard of him before: "But by tomorrow..." Presumably, he's supposed to have the guy squared away by then. That's adorable. Kim asks what they know about Avon, and everything McNulty told Phelan comes out of Daniels, basically. "Sounds like a bunch of bullshit to me, boss," says Kima. Okay, she's...ALMOST always right. Daniels tells her to call DEA to "see what they have on this mope." Kima tries to palm it off on Homicide, but Daniels says that the Homicide major was in the meeting too: "His people will be scrambling to get something on paper too. I doubt they'll be willing to share, but you can try." Kima snorts, as she notes what they know: "Barksdale, Avon. Got a DOB?" Daniels's face: "Girl, please."

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