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"...And All The Pieces Matter"

Polk arranges himself in the chair before Daniels, who asks, "Why did you even come in today?" Polk tries, "I had some--" "To pretend that you were here?" asks Daniels. "To fill out of a run sheet?" Polk gathers his resources to shrug that he knows he missed a couple of days the previous week, which is the wrong thing to say, as Daniels calls him out: "I got a run sheet from you every day for the last two weeks. Twice in Carv's handwriting, twice it was Prez. Once it was McNulty, I think. They covered for you. But I won't." Polk struggles to stay vertical, as he starts, "Well, Lieutenant, I..." He stops like he's expecting Daniels to cut him off again, but this time Daniels waits for an excuse -- too bad for Polk, who doesn't have one, and lamely concludes, "I don't know. I'm not really up for this drug thing, you know? Maybe if Mahone was here, I could get into it more. Learn some new tricks." Yeah, because the two of them together were crime-fighting dynamos! Daniels, disgusted, says nothing, and Polk finally asks, "Aw, hell, Lieutenant, why don't you just send me back to Property and keep everybody happy?" "Send you back to Property Crimes so you can binge for two more weeks?" says Daniels dubiously. "I'm not doing that." Desperately, Polk starts, "Lieutenant, please--" "You were dumped on me, Augie," says Daniels. "But it ends there. I don't dump people. You either go out on those rooftops today to watch pay phones with the rest of this unit, or you go over to the medical office and check yourself in." I faced a similar ultimatum on a band trip, when I was told that if I was too sick to go to practice, I was also too sick to go on the big shopping day in Chicago. I made a miraculous recovery, but I don't know that Polk has my fortitude/passion for shopping. He doesn't even understand what Daniels is asking him: "Medical?" "For alcohol abuse," says Daniels. Polk mugs incredulously, but Daniels goes on, undeterred: "Either dry yourself out, or go up on those rooftops wet." He pushes back his chair, leaving Polk to stare at his reflection in the glass at the sodden, gross mess he's become. Before he leaves the room, Daniels kindly puts a hand on Polk's shoulder as he tells him to take some time and think about it.

Daniels comes back out to the open-plan work area to find it empty, and asks Prez, "Where'd they go?" "Who?" asks Prez, not covering himself with intellectual glory in this episode. Daniels shakes his head and makes to leave, but Prez calls him back to tell him that they need a couple of filing cabinets for all the paperwork they generate. Daniels allows himself a tiny smile at Prez's industry, and then Polk appears behind him and says, "I'm going to--" He points vaguely. Daniels stares intensely, and Polk manages, "Good luck with the case." He stumbles off. Daniels looks back and Prez, who looks relieved that Polk's stench of Tanqueray and failure won't be hanging over the office anymore.

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