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"...And All The Pieces Matter"

Outside, Bunk has met up with Lester, Kima, and McNulty, the last of whom is cursing Rawls out for "fucking up the case to get" him. Bunk corrects him that Rawls is "fucking it up for three paper clearances on prior cases": "It ain't personal." Kima reviews the scanty evidence in the cases and spits, "How can he charge that?" Lester says that Rawls will charge anything he wants to get the clearances: "If the jury doesn't indict, he drops the case, keeps his stats." McNulty starts talking tough about giving Rawls a piece of his mind over this. Bunk tells him not to, but McNulty won't be deterred, saying that he's trying to build something and Rawls is just being petty. He asks whether Bunk tried appealing to Jay, but Bunk says that Jay can't help. McNulty says that if the charges go through and they arrest D'Angelo, Avon will know that the cops are on to his whole operation and change things up. "And what he don't change up, he'll clean up," says Kima. "Somebody needs to tell Rawls that!" But since the time three seconds ago when McNulty was getting ready to go in there and tell Rawls some shit, he's been made to see reason, and says that Rawls won't care: "He wants me home, and and he wants the stats. That's all." Kima says that they should take it to Daniels, then. Lester makes a gesture like he agrees, and when McNulty says that he doesn't think that will do much good either, Kima says, "It's his case, he'll fight for it!" "Daniels won't do shit," says McNulty. Kima firmly replies, "He plays stiff every now and then, but he's a good man!" McNulty can't believe what he's hearing: "Daniels has been trying to put the brakes on this for weeks now! This'll be his new excuse to close shop!" Bunk tries to defuse the detail in-fighting by saying that they have to make their move soon. He says his goodbyes and takes off. McNulty glares. "We tell Daniels," Kima insists. McNulty: "Fuck Daniels and his fucking ass-kissing up-the-chain-of-command ambition." Lester asks what other choice they have. Kima, now spitting mad: "We go to Daniels. If he fights, he fights. If he gives it up to Rawls, then fuck it, we were never going to do the case anyway." An argument worthy of Marla! McNulty sets his jaw, knowing Kima's right but not wanting to admit he's wrong. "All right, come on," he finally says, stomping off with the Detailettes behind him.

There's some closed-circuit security footage of a guard in front of a gated driveway, holding a dog on a leash as he opens it, and then we cut to regular film as a truck pulls out. Bubbs is to the left of the driveway (as we look at it) while Hucklebuck loiters right; Johnny's across the street, and gives Bubbs a nod as the truck rolls by, its bed full of copper pipes. Bubbs follows it, walking quickly, and then suddenly Johnny is in front of the truck. The driver halts, brakes screeching, and Johnny rocks forward like he's been struck and then falls, crying. The driver jumps out of the cab -- oh, not to see if Johnny's okay, but to call him a fucking idiot. Which is kind of brazen, given that Johnny still has a walking cast on his leg and looks like he might actually, touched. Anyway, Hucklebuck hurries up with the shopping cart. From under the truck, we see Johnny writhing on the ground, crying in fake-pain, leaving the driver unmoved: "Come on, get up, stupid." There's also a lot of activity in the foreground of this shot, and as the camera cuts to a long view, we see that it's Bubbs and Hucklebuck, loading pipe from the back of the truck and into the shopping cart. In front of the truck, the diversion continues, including some business with the colostomy bag that grosses out the driver. And me. And it looks like Johnny's torso is covered with slimy yellow leeches. They didn't bathe him at the hospice? Ugh. The driver, disgusted, starts to stalk off, but Johnny -- knowing it's too soon -- desperately calls out for him to come back: "Where are you going?" The driver lies that he's going to get help, but Johnny clings to his ankles, telling him not to leave. The driver hangs around, totally confused, but then Johnny looks up to see that his colleagues have finished and yells at the driver to go get help. The driver runs off, and in the other direction, Bubbs and Hucklebuck push the cart out, loaded with what appears to be all the copper pipe. They congratulate Johnny on his part in the operation, asking what was all over him. Apparently, it was onion soup. Still gross. I am kind of impressed that these three broken-down junkies could muster the savvy to hatch this plan, and the initiative to pull it off. Fiending is the mother of invention, I guess.

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