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"...And All The Pieces Matter"

Detail office. Kima and McNulty have apparently just finished catching Daniels up on the murders Rawls wants McNulty to move on; Kima's saying that Daniels could go to Burrell, via Foerster. Daniels bitterly asks why McNulty's coming to him instead of Phelan. McNulty says that he doesn't think a judge could talk a city Homicide commander out of closing three murders: "It's put up or shut up time, Lieutenant," he concludes, impatiently. "Either you step up or you send us all home." "So this is on me?" says Daniels, with quiet fury. "I don't see anyone else in charge of this detail," spits McNulty. It's kind of surprising that he doesn't just get punched in the face, like, daily. "Rawls is a major," says Daniels quietly. "Rawls is an asshole," McNulty counters. Daniels's point is that he's outranked here. McNulty turns to Kima and snorts, pointedly, Daniels having acted as McNulty said he would. Daniels: "Chain of command might mean nothing to you, McNulty." He doesn't finish the sentence, though I guess he doesn't really have to. He leaves, and McNulty falls heavily into a chair, asking Kima, "What'd I tell you?" Kima, upset to have someone she respects disappoint her that way, can't quite meet McNulty's eye.

At the low-rises, Avon and Stringer are taking a stroll through their feudal lands, trailed by Stinkum. The speed goes slow-motion as they stride into the Pit, kings of all they survey. All around them, slingers are dealing Avon's package. It's strange to think that this is the first time we've ever seen him get this close to his operation. Seeing his bosses arrive, D'Angelo gets up from his perch on the couch and walks out to meet them. Avon jokingly feints like he's going to come at D'Angelo, who duly flinches. Avon asks how they're doing, and D'Angelo reports, "Doing good! You know, if you say we doing good." As Avon keeps walking forward, D'Angelo scampers around in front of him, walking backwards, like the little yappy dog that hung around that bulldog in those old Warner Bros. cartoons. Avon confirms with D'Angelo that the word is out in the Projects about Brandon and Dylan. Stringer points out "shorty right there" -- Wallace, holding up the wall with a concerned expression on his face. Stinkum goes over to Wallace as Avon recaps the price on the thieves' heads -- $4,000 for Omar, $2,000 for his associates -- and since getting Brandon was a team effort, $500 goes to Wallace for the "scope," another $500 to D'Angelo for the "relay," and $500 each to Wee-Bey and Bird know, actually killing him dead. We see Wallace take the bills from Stinkum, though he doesn't look that excited about it. Stringer asks about his plan to stop paying people in order to force out the suspected mole, and D'Angelo confirms that "they all just a bunch of begging-ass bitches": "I mean, ain't nobody shown no money since." There's some more jocular fake-fighting, and then Avon keeps D'Angelo on the hook with a promise of future points on the package. D'Angelo's face lights up, Stinkum gives him his cut of Brandon's bounty, and the CEOs take off. D'Angelo shares a look with Wallace, who doesn't seem to think that what he saw Brandon suffer was worth $500 to himself.

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