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"...And All The Pieces Matter"

In the middle of the roof, in a jumpsuit, Santangelo is taking a leak when Stringer, Avon, and Stinkum stride out of the Pit, and lighting a cigarette when they get into their Mercedes SUV and take off. Sannie, you're doing a heck of a job.

At a job site, Bubbs gets an offer on the pipe for 30¢ a foot. He doesn't seem to think that price takes into account his pain and suffering in getting it.

At the cop shop, Daniels is trying to justify Kima's faith in him by meeting with Rawls in his office. He's saying he understands where Rawls is coming from in wanting to clear the cases, but that putting the evidence they have in the charging documents will ruin the case the detail is trying to make. Rawls, all fake-clubby, says he just calls them like he sees them, and recaps the details we already know about the gun and the witness and the blah blah blah. Daniels says that they're up on the wire, and starting to get good information, and that a premature charge will cripple the larger drug case. Rawls, infuriatingly faux-apologetic, gets up with a smug chuckle, clapping Daniels on the shoulder as he says he can't tell Daniels how to run his case: "I can only run my own." Daniels gets up, and we can see what it costs him, on a psychic level, as he leapfrogs the chain of command and humbly says, "I'm asking as a favour." This may actually affect Rawls, who repeats, "'As a favour.'" "Yes, sir," says Daniels. "In that case..." Rawls looks at Daniels, who has what may be hope flickering across his face. "No," says Rawls. "Sorry." You guys, I don't think he actually is sorry. Daniels hates life. And McNulty.

Speaking of his narrow Irish ass, McNulty's on the lawn at his apartment, kicking a soccer ball around with his kids. Mikey comments that he got home early from work, and McNulty says, "Work sucks." Sean (Eric G. Ryan) asks if they're eating dinner with McNulty, and he says, "Why not?" Sean says he promised they'd have lasagna, and McNulty says they'll go to Little Italy. Mikey giggles that McNulty never cooks, and McNulty says that cooking sucks, too. Man, he's so right. He gets a page...

...and then we see McNulty on a pay phone. Keeping an eye on the kids, McNulty hears the party he's called pick up, but not say anything. "Who's this?" asks McNulty. "Yo, I want to see him," says Omar. "Who?" asks McNulty. "Brandon," says Omar, his voice breaking. "My boy."

At their filthy, gross squat, Johnny, Hucklebuck, and Bubbs are enjoying the jam of the fruits of their labour -- specifically, the jam they made out of those fruits and shot up their veins. Took the analogy one step too far, did I? Perhaps. They agree that the copper house was the shit. Johnny reminds them that it was his plan, and Bubbs bows down, declaring this "White Boy Day." Isn't every day White Boy Day, really? Bubbs has a further improvement on the plan: once the contractor to whom they sold the pipe has installed it, but before the drywall goes up, they're going to return to the row houses and steal the pipe back. That seems like a lot of work; why not steal it before it's installed? Bubbs's head rolls on his neck, and Johnny asks, "You good?" Bubbs says he could do with another hit. He reaches into his pocket, but Johnny has the cash. He manages to get up, saying he'll be back.

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