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"...And All The Pieces Matter"

Sean and Mikey are in the back of McNulty's car, Mikey playing some kind of handheld videogame, when Omar rolls up, all in black, barely visible as he comes out of the shadows. McNulty, in the driver's seat, leans across to open the door for Omar, sheepishly explaining, "My night with the kids." Omar, silent in his grief, doesn't respond, and McNulty starts the car and drives into an alley.

At the squat, Bubbs is roused from his sleep by the sound of a fight in the street below; we can only hear Johnny's half, but he's pissed, all "You ain't gonna find nothing 'cause I didn't do nothing!" and "A white man can't walk down the street?" Bubbs gets up and goes to the window in time to see Johnny splayed on the street while a couple of cops we don't recognize silently arrest him. "That boy ain't got no luck," says Bubbs sadly. True. Also, sometimes we bring heartache on ourselves.

Under a full moon, D'Angelo sits on the couch in the Pit, watching messed-up junkies buying drugs. Wallace walks up to sit next to him, and D'Angelo asks what Wallace is going to do with it, and suggests that he "take the whole roll and go do something nice for [his] girl." Wallace has a girl? Maybe D'Angelo just sees him going through a lot of cash and doesn't realize he's spending it on all the Lost Boys he's keeping in chips and high-fructose corn syrup...I mean, "fruit drink." "You do have a girl, right?" says D'Angelo. Wallace shrugs, and D'Angelo says he's going enough money to get himself one now. They laugh, and then Wallace asks, "Why'd you punk Sterling like you did? I mean, he did get shot behind this shit." D'Angelo looks down as he says he didn't punk him. Wallace asks why he's dropping the lookout, then, and D'Angelo says that Sterling and Cassandra were "thieving": "They got pissed 'cause I wasn't paying them. So Sterling, he started shaking up the vials, handing off to Cass; she was selling on the side." Wallace asks if D'Angelo told anyone, like Stinkum or Bodie, and D'Angelo says, "If I tell them, what you think they're going to do? They're going to take a baseball bat to Sterling. Cassandra too. It's too much drama, right?" Wallace knits his brow. "So, I just took them both off the stash." Wallace asks why D'Angelo didn't pay him and Poot, and D'Angelo explains that Stringer was behind it. Wallace asks whether Cassandra and Sterling were snitching, but D'Angelo says that they were just stealing. Well, "just" stealing, I guess.

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