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"...And All The Pieces Matter"

Security-camera footage of McNulty leading Sean and Mikey into the lobby at the cop shop, telling the guard by the door that they're going to Homicide; Omar trails behind. McNulty leaves his kids on a bench, and when Mikey reminds him that it's a school night, McNulty nicely shrugs him off and continues on his way. Mikey plays with his game, while Sean considers that this would have been a perfect time for him to make a dent in his backlog of New Yorkers.

In the morgue, Frazier slowly pulls the sheet off Brandon's face. Omar's face crumples and he starts to cry, leaning over to kiss him as McNulty respectfully looks away. Omar claps himself a couple of times in the head and sobs.

Out in the hall, Sean and Mikey are quietly kicking the soccer ball back and forth when they hear Omar's scream...all the way out there. We cut to the security footage again as the ball rolls away, unattended. You know, I don't think that's something a kid should necessarily have to hear on a school night. Or the weekend, even.

Morning. McNulty's in the driver's seat, Kima sitting shotgun, when Omar leans down into the window. "You up to this?" Kima asks him kindly. McNulty seriously looks like he's still creeped out from the scream, even after a night's sleep. Omar's nostrils flare with the sobs he's holding back as McNulty tells him, "Pay it back, Omar. Pay it back." Omar straightens up and gets into the back seat of the car.

McNulty and Kima lead Omar into the detail office. Lester gives McNulty a look of grave support over his glasses. Looking around, Omar asks, "Yo, why we ain't in a real police office?" A question many have asked before you, my man. "We're a little like you, Omar," says McNulty. "Out here on our own, playing the game for ourselves." "Hard way to go sometimes," says Omar sadly, sitting down with Kima, who gets a pad out to take notes. "Sorry about your friend," says Kima. It doesn't seem like quite a big enough word for what Brandon obviously was to Omar -- and Kima, you would think, would know that -- but anyway, Omar says nothing, and McNulty adds that "Avon is one sick bastard." He adds, "Of course, he had his reasons." "For one thing, you all did take his stash," says Kima. "For another, he's looking for you, Omar," says McNulty. "That's what all the cigarette burns were about. The broken fingers and cracked forearms." Seems like the classy thing would be not to call attention to it. Omar, looking down, starts to cry again. "He wanted your boy to give you up," says Kima quietly. "An address. A street." "Kid had heart," says McNulty. "Yeah," says Omar despondently. Kima leans forward to say she knows that Omar wants to go home, get his shotgun, and "go on the hunt." "You wouldn't be wrong," says McNulty. Kima agrees that he wouldn't, but adds, "One man with two barrels ain't enough, Omar." She basically says they don't care that much if Omar goes vigilante on the Barksdale crew: "But whatever else you can give us on Barksdale and his people, well, that can go to hurting him too." The camera pushes in close on Omar's face as he considers this appeal, and finally says, "Let me tell you all something, all right? What I do, I do. Straight like that. So ain't no sense in you all even troubling yourselves over that, 'cause, man, the way I feel right now, today...?" He looks down, rubbing his forehead. Nervous tension crackles in the room -- even Lester is keeping a watchful eye on the conversation as he sands a dollhouse sideboard.

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