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"...And All The Pieces Matter"

In his office, Daniels looks from Lester's pad to the photos of Brandon's ruined face, and shakes his head. Out in the open area, Omar notices the bulletin board full of photos and cards, and nods a little. This will be fun.

At Greek's, Lester and McNulty show a photo of (living) Brandon to a hairnetted Greek's guy, who recognizes him: "He fight, but you arrest." "You saw him get arrested?" asks McNulty. "On Tuesday?" Hairnet confirms the day. "By the police?" asks McNulty. "The police arrested him?" Hairnet puts his wrists out in front of him, miming handcuffs. McNulty shows Hairnet photos of Stinkum and Wee-Bey, asking if they were with Brandon, but Hairnet says they weren't. Lester wanders over to the phone booth, looking at the number, and checks his notes: "It's a match."

"No," says Foerster's way-too-close-up mouth. Yeesh, guy, get your teeth cleaned when you know this scene is coming. He's talking to Daniels, who's imploring, "I need help. Rawls ranks me." Foerster tells him to think about what he's doing: "You're going to cross Bill Rawls, as ruthless a fuck as we have in this department, and to do what? To fight for a case the Deputy of Operations doesn't even want!" Daniels glares. "No," Foerster repeats. "I like my career, thank you very much." Do criminal conspiracies? I'm just asking. I thought that was something you dudes did sometimes.

Back in the detail office, Kima is reminding Omar that he told her and McNulty in the cemetery that Bird killed Gant. "Yeah, Bird did that one for sure," says Omar. Kima asks how he knows. "Everybody knows, man," he replies. "Nigga walked up behind the man and shot him straight in the head. The whole blessed Project saw that much." "And Bird worked for Avon," says Kima. "Yeah, as one of his shooters," says Omar impatiently, like Kima's a moron. He tells her about this special .380 Bird got from "Austria or Australia": "I know he loved that gun...You get him, you get the gun. 'Cause Bird too dumb to throw a gun like that off." Kima, frustrated, tosses her pad on the table, saying that a gun alone isn't enough. Omar's like, "Oh, no?" Kima says that they could get Bird to court with it, where he could testify that he bought it on the street after Gant's murder. Omar, equally frustrated, spreads his hands, asking what would be enough to convict him, then, and Kima tells him that it would take an eyewitness -- some corroboration for Omar's story. "Okay," says Omar. "'Okay,' what?" says Kima. "I'm your man," says Omar. "You saw the murder?" says Kima. "Yeah," Omar shrugs, like, "Prove I didn't, if you're so smart." Kima leans forward: "You can ID this man, Bird, as the shooter of William Gant, and you ain't afraid to go into court downtown and testify against one of Barksdale's people?" Omar chuckles mirthlessly: "Omar don't scare." True -- he don't.

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