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"...And All The Pieces Matter"

At night, Rawls stares out his office window. Santangelo shows up, having been summoned, and Rawls gets all Darth Sidious on his ass: "McNulty does personal business on the clock, I want to know. He cheats on a run sheet, I want to know. He runs any kind of game at all, I want to know." Santangelo takes a few steps forward, indulgently saying that McNulty's an asshole, but that all he does is work. "He does no wrong?" says Rawls incredulously. "Doesn't drink on duty? Doesn't drink and drive, Detective?" Santangelo's horrified that he's being asked to narc on McNulty for such trifles, and Rawls murmurs, "You've got to help me on this, Michael." Santangelo's silence stands in for assent, I guess.

Detail office. McNulty returns, noticing that Daniels is sitting at his desk, hands tented, lying in wait. Seeing McNulty, he comes out to the open area and tells McNulty, "The murder warrant's on hold." McNulty is stunned silent. Daniels adds that Burrell gave them another month. McNulty looks around, pleased, like he's wondering where all the balloons and confetti cannons are. Lester comes out as Daniels reports that Omar said he witnessed Gant's murder. McNulty smiles, happy that Daniels has lived up to the potential McNulty hoped, but didn't trust, was in him. Daniels starts to go, but McNulty stops him, smiling: "Lieutenant. Thanks." He takes off, and Lester asks Daniels, "It cost you?" Without answering, Daniels returns to the shadows of his office. Lester strides out, secure that he can be a real police again. And Daniels, getting ready to follow them, flips through Brandon's photos again and sighs, realizing what he sacrificed his career prospects for.

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