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"...And All The Pieces Matter"

Back at the office, Lester is sitting at the computer, surrounded by Sydnor, Herc, Kima, and Carver. Also standing by is a technician who looks like a balder, less-cute William Fichtner, who says that they'll have lines on two other pay phones the next day; they're already up on the low-rise pay phones. Carver asks to hear it, and Lester presses a button on a keyboard, and we hear a woman's voice complaining, "See, what I'm talking about is he ain't paid no one; he just think it's right to do it...See how it goes? So I ain't got shit. I ain't got it...Thinking he all that because he got his family back." Lester hits another button to shut it off, and Herc protests that it was just getting good. "It's unmonitored," says Lester. "We can't listen to a conversation on an unmonitored pay phone." Sydnor asks what that means, and Kima explains that despite the taps they'll soon have on all the Project pay phones, they can't listen to any conversation unless they know one of the targets of their investigation is on the phone. Herc grouchily surmises that they'll have to sit on the roofs all the livelong day, just waiting for their perps to get on the phone. "Yep," says Kima simply. "It's more bullshit," declares Herc, still less interested in actually making a case that will result in convictions than he is in getting a sanctioned opportunity to bust people's heads open. Thus prompted, Lester figures it's time for him to deliver a lecture: "Detective, this right here -- this is the job. Now, when you came downtown to CID, what kind other of work were you expecting?" Ummmmm...head-busting? Maybe a little plunger-handle sodomy? Ooh -- getting the chance to beat a kid half-blind? By way of answer, though, what Herc actually does is give his gum a few chews and then blow a bubble. That this is what passes for Baltimore's Finest says...a lot about Baltimore, really.

Cop shop. In their cube, Bunk asks McNulty what he's going to do about Rawls's order. McNulty says that he can't get back to Homicide in a week: "This case is taking off." Bunk, getting up, asks whether McNulty told Rawls that -- which, of course, he didn't -- and then the phone rings, and Cole picks it up, saying it's for McNulty. He picks it up, writes down an address, and hangs up. 800 block, in the rear. Hee hee. Rear!

A police helicopter hovers over the crime scene that opened the episode. As McNulty makes his way over, taking a sip of his coffee, a very angry German shepherd lunges at him, causing him to spill his drink all over himself. Everyone laughs, from the detectives on the scene to Poot, looky-looing out a neighbouring window. Anyway, McNulty tries to recover his dignity, hooking up with Det. Vernon Holley (Brian Anthony Wilson) and Det. Ed Norris (Edward T. Norris), the latter of whom is on the walkie asking for an ETA on a crew from the crime lab (they're all out). There's small talk about the mean dog, and then Holley pulls back a tarp to reveal Brandon's corpse. Even a hardened cop like McNulty is moved to utter a "Damn." Holley asks whether Brandon's involved in one of McNulty's cases, adding that Brandon was found with the Kevlar, just like Dylan last week. McNulty, leaning in close to get a look at Brandon's face, agrees that it connects, explaining about the theft of the re-up: "Jesus, they must have killed this kid four or five times." Norris: "Cut him in a dozen places, burned him with cigarettes. Goddamn torture-fest is what it was." McNulty says that it doesn't look like it happened there, and Holley concurs that the murder probably occurred elsewhere, and then they dumped Brandon there "for all to see." Norris asks whether McNulty has any information that could help them to solve this murder, and McNulty says that if anything comes up on the phone taps, he'll let them know. Norris gets back on the walkie to ask after the C.S.I.s again, and Holley says that they've been waiting over an hour: "Only two units on the street. Both are up at the City Council president's house...Someone stole his lawn furniture." Heh. McNulty laughs in disbelief, and Norris adds, "I swear, you show me the son of a bitch who can fix this police department, I'd give back half my overtime." McNulty chuckles, secretly thinking that he is that son of a bitch. Fuck Jackie Chan -- McNulty's the REAL Supercop!

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