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"...And All The Pieces Matter"

McNulty drives slowly up a narrow laneway and leaves his card -- with 9-1-1 written on it -- under the windshield wiper of Omar's van.

Picturesque downtown Baltimore street. How picturesque? Well, the first thing we see is a horse yoked to a carriage loaded with colourful fruit. It's like the Baltimore Chamber Of Commerce watched the first five episodes of the season and then begged HBO to broadcast footage of one street on which attractively wholesome scenes occasionally took place. And HBO complied...but then threw in Johnny. Oh, there he is now! Johnny and some guy we've never seen before -- there's someone on IMDb identified as Hucklebuck, which this guy may be --are pushing a pilfered shopping cart. Bubbs is buying fruit and calls out a greeting to Johnny, who asks, "What's the scam out here?" Bubbs says there isn't one; he's doing "an honest day's work for an honest day's pay" by assisting the vendor. Johnny taunts Bubbs as "Mr. Straight Time," and says that he and "Uck" (so I guess I was right) have a plan. Unable to resist, Bubbs shoots a look back at the fruit vendor, and meets Johnny up by the horse's head, where Johnny tells him they're going to "take off on the copper house." Bubbs can't believe that Johnny's going to "get all dramatic" on him in his first two days out of hospice, but he's plainly interested. Bubbs asks about the fence and the dog, but Johnny and Hucklebuck aren't scared of either. Johnny says that he hatched the plan when he was away, and Bubbs warms to the notion, and asks the vendor to cash him out. Johnny: "If you ain't got dreams, Bubbs, what the fuck you got?" Bubbs takes off with his boys. Look out, copper!

Pit. The ghostly strains of ice-cream truck music (oh, I know it well) waft across the courtyard as Bodie returns, finding it empty. He looks kind of creeped out to see no one out, as though in the few days he's been gone, the drug trade just plain dried up. Shit, maybe he'll just have to go get his GED after all! NOOOOOOO!

Roof. Herc watches through the binoculars as Bodie goes up to a phone. Herc calls to alert Prez, who's all over it. Herc asks Prez if Carver's still there, and when he picks up, Herc tells him, "You ain't gonna believe who I'm looking at right now." "Again he walks off?" says Carver, in a cold rage. Herc: "Ding! Round 3." Back at the office, Carver hangs up, and goes to find his brass knuckles.

Bodie's pay phone rings, and he races over to get it; it's Stinkum. "Yo, Stink, what up?" snaps Bodie. Stinkum snaps at him about his manners (man, gangsters are worse sticklers for that than Peggy Post!), and Bodie immediately apologizes. As Prez writes a number down on Stinkum's index card, Bodie asks where Stinkum is. He wants to know where Bodie is, and learns that he's back at the Pit: "I just came home." He wants to know where everyone is, and Stinkum says, "Ain't nothing going late," evasively telling Bodie to check in the next day. Bodie, disappointed, agrees, and they hang up. Prez nods happily, and hits the keyboard to mark the call "Non-Pertinent." Lester frowns: "How do you log that non-pertinent?" Prez shrugs, "No drug talk?" Lester: "They use codes that hide their pager and phone numbers. When someone does use a phone, they don't use names. And if someone does use a name, he's reminded not to. All of that is valuable evidence." "Of what?" Prez asks, blankly. "Conspiracy," says Lester. "Conspiracy?" Prez repeats stupidly. "We're building something here, Detective," says Lester. "We're building it from scratch. Aaaaaaall the pieces matter. All right?" To make his point, Lester holds up Stinkum's photo, and the just-updated index card. Prez, told off, marks the call "Pertinent." Can Prez learn to be a decent cop? Let's find out!

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