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"Don't Matter How Many Times You Get Burnt, You Just Keep Doin' The Same"

Bodie's still not grasping what Stringer's driving at, however, so Stringer spells it out for him: since they have the best product, they'll be able to bring in rival sellers by offering them a chance to sell their product. And if they don't go for that arrangement? They can worry about that when it happens, Stringer says. Until then: "We gonna handle this shit like businessmen. Sell the shit, make the profit, and later for that gangster bullshit." Yes, a follow-up question from Mr. Poot? "Do the chair know we gonna look like some punk-ass bitches out there?" Ah, a fine question -- Mr. Bell, your response? "Motherfucker, I will punk your ass for saying such shit!" Uh, point of order, Mr. Chairman -- I am not sure that "punk" is being properly used as a verb in your proposal. Anyhow, Stringer has had enough of this back-and-forth; he urges his troops to "start looking at the world in a new fucking light. Start thinking about this shit like some grown fucking men. Not some niggas off the fucking corner. You heard me?" The grim expressions of the assembled suggest that they have heard him loud and clear. "Adjourn your asses," Stringer concludes. I believe you need a motion from the floor to do that.

McNulty and Sydnor return from a hard day's surveiling just as Freamon and Kima are heading out. "You look like shit," Kima observes, a bit too brightly for McNulty's taste. "We've been stuck in that vacant since before dawn," McNulty gripes. "How should we look?" "Proud to know you, Detective," Freamon manages to say, before the giggles get the best of him. It is in moments like this that the harbor patrol assignment probably looks like a plum gig to McNulty. There's more derisive fun at McNulty's expense from Daniels and Assistant State's Attorney Pearlman inside the Major Case offices, but McNulty's too irritated to laugh: he just spent an entire day watching Cheese, and not once did Cheese get anywhere near a phone line. Pearlman exposits that after six months of surveillance, the only drug talk they have is from "street-level small fries." Both Pearlman and Daniels think that maybe they don't get an extension on the wiretaps -- maybe they just charge the people can, and hope someone rats out Cheese or Proposition Joe. McNulty takes this proposal about as well as you would imagine he might, which is to say, he throws a hissyfit: "I guarantee if we can push this thing a level or two above the street, we're gonna start seeing Prop Joe himself. We start seeing Joe, we're gonna see Stringer." Yes, Captain Ahab, Daniels says -- we know all about the white whale. But the investigation's going nowhere. "Either we figure a way to punch through the wall or we let it go," says Daniels. The scene ends before we can watch McNulty scream, "You shut up! You shut up forever!"

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