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The People vs. Clay Davis continues, with Bond in the midst of guiding Day-Day, Clay Davis' one-time driver, through his testimony. We learn that Day-Day really doesn't know what his duties were at Davis' West Baltimore Hoops charity. "Yet," Bond points out, "you drew $40,000 a year as the executive director." Well, that only proves that he was shitty at his job. Hell, the President of the United States makes $400,000 a year, and I bet he couldn't tell you what he's supposed to do, let alone a third of the Bill of Rights even if you spotted him the freedom from unreasonable searches and seizures. But Day-Day fills in the details -- that $40,000 salary went straight back to Clay Davis. "I got paid through the district office for driving him," Day-Day says. "That money I kept. And whenever I would go out to snatch some money for the senator..." Murphy objects before Day-Day can complete his thought about skimming the occasional kick-back dollar, which, admittedly, sounds like a really nice benefit that more workplaces should implement.

At the Detail Office, the computer picks up Marlo placing a call. Let's see if that fancy-schmantsy new photo-decoding equipment works its magic. Freamon and Sydnor gather round the monitor where up pops... a picture of a clock. The hands read 5:50, which Sydnor immediately assumes is a meet-up time. He's off to trail Monk, while the rest of us are left to speculate that there's no way Marlo's code could be that simple to break.

Back at the courthouse, Murphy is cross-examining Day-Day and doing a darn good job of it, too. He notes that Day-Day has a criminal history and that Clay Davis was aware of it but hired him anyhow. "But today, is this how you repay him?" Murphy asks, more in sorrow than in anger. Day-Day doesn't have an answer and neither Bond nor Pearlman object as to the relevance of the question, so we move on -- Murphy focuses on the part of Day-Day's testimony where he paid his $40,000 salary back to Clay in cash. "So there's no proof that the senator ever received that money," Murphy says. "Isn't that correct?" Because Day-Day is not the type to keep assiduous records and receipts, that is indeed correct. There's just one more thing Murphy would like to bring up -- the fact that Day-Day received immunity from prosecution in exchange for testifying. "Is it fair to say that testifying against Senator Davis ensures that you will not yourself go to jail. "Goddamn right," Day-Day agrees, which brings a reprimand from the judge for the language and a weary sigh from the prosecution for the rapidly vanishing credibility of their witness.

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