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On a street in a less fashionable neighborhood in Baltimore, a fellow named Savino, who you may or may not remember from Season One (or, more recently, from the stash house scene in this episode), is strolling down the avenue, whipping out a pack of cigarettes. Unfortunately, from his perspective, there's a lit one poking out from a nearby alley, and it belongs to Omar. Savino doesn't get one step past him before Omar slips behind him and puts a gun into his back. "Ain't you used to be with them Barksdale boys?" Omar asks. Indeed, quite memorably, one might say. Omar remembers, particularly, that Savino served as the muscle for the Barksdale crew: "Now you musclin' for Marlo, huh?" Well, obviously, he moved over during a transitional time in the muscle industry -- it's not a profession with too many 40-years-and-a-gold-watch parties. "I wasn't there," Savino protests without any prompting. "When they did the old man like that, I wasn't there." Yes, Omar is well aware of who was present at Butchie's murder, thanks very much. Now suppose you answer this hypothetical for Omar: What if you had been there? Apparently, resigned silence is not the answer Omar was looking for, because he pulls the trigger, leaving the contents of Savino's skull on a nearby wall. One thing about Omar, you can't say that he doesn't lack resolve.

Another Marlo phone call, and another picture of a clock prints out at the detail office -- Freamon's staring at a stack of about a dozen of them at this point. He whips out his cell phone, presumably to place a call to his partner-in-fake-crime McNulty. "We gotta talk," Freamon sighs. Bring your decoder ring.

Back at the continuity-shattering bar, Gus has just finished laying out Templeton's defense of his woman-dead-by-seafood story -- that there's a notorious check-kiter who uses the name of the dead woman's sister in her criminal escapades and that's why neighborhood busybodies think the sister absconded with the funds from the scholarship set up in the wake of Templeton's story. "Does that seem possible?" Gus asks Mello. "To go through the court system with a false I.D.?" No, Mello says, it is not possible, at least in the case of a multiple offender. "Someone's yanking your chain," Mello says. And that someone is named M. Scott Templeton -- the M stands for made-up. Gus thoughtfully sips his cocktail, as Al Swearengen, former President Bartlet, and the survivors of Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 all stroll in for a nightcap. Well, not really, but why not at this point?

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