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"They Don't Teach It In Law School"

It's nighttime at Greggs Manor, and Kima is asleep in a chair. Assembling ill-fitting Swedish furniture is exhausting work indeed. Too bad Elijah wasn't put to work piecing together a dinette set, though, because he's wide awake. "What's the matter, baby?" says Kima, who wakes up and notices him hovering nearby. "You can't sleep?" Elijah shakes his head no -- adorably, I might add. All right, kiddo -- Kima's going to pick you up, carry you over to the window, and do a little "Goodnight, Moon" action. Only she's going to do it Wire-style: "Goodnight, moon," she begins, with Elijah repeating what she says. "Goodnight, stars," she continues as a police squad car races down the street sirens blaring. "Goodnight, po-pos. Goodnight, fiends. Goodnight, hoppers. Goodnight, hustlers. Goodnight, scammers. Goodnight to everybody. Goodnight to one and all." It's a sweet way to end an episode that kind of felt like it was running in place a little too much for my tastes, but I can't imagine the pimps, muscle, and confidential informants feel good about getting left out of Kima's little bedtime story.

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