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Carcetti is holding yet another press conference, this time on the lawn in front of City Hall. Blah blah blah unacceptable. Blah blah blah doing everything in our power. Blah blah blah protecting the homeless. Blah blah blah pursuing the suspect. And hey, if any of you in the press corps have some extra cash on you...have you thought about supporting a candidate for governor in the upcoming election? Just curious. "Let me be unequivocal," Carcetti concludes. "This man will be brought to justice."

Back at Homicide, Freamon takes the unattached phone cord that's supposed to be hooked up to the wiretap and tucks it neatly behind the other wires so that no one can see it's not attached to anything. "Voice and digital photos," Freamon tells Detective Barlow after emerging from the utility closet. "He calls again, you'll capture either one." You know, I'm starting to think that this serial killer might not be brought to justice after all.

Same department, different area. McNulty is protesting to Landsman that he's done the background checks on the victims himself, so there's no need for Kima to do the same work over again. Landsman's all weren't you paying attention during that scene where Daniels and Gus were juxtaposed giving orders? "He specifically assigned Greggs," Landsman notes. And what of that triple homicide Kima should be investigating? Table it, Landsman orders. So let's add that to our running tally of what McNulty hath wrought. If you find that upsetting, you're not half as irritated as Bunk, who is watching all this and glowering as McNulty sabotages yet another actual case with his bullshit. Landsman wants to know what else McNulty needs -- Bunk apparently has decided that McNulty is severely lacking in disdainful snorts, judging by his actions -- and McNulty puts in another plea for surveillance teams. How's about voice analysis of the call, Landsman asks; McNulty is dismissive. "The next thing I know, you'll want me to go to fucking Quantico with this fucking thing," he says. Say, that's not a bad idea, Landsman retorts. Is it too early to add the FBI's wasted time and resources to our running list? Bunk apparently doesn't think so, because he's unable to suppress his derisive laughter. "You don't believe in behavioral forensics, Dr. Moreland?" Landsman asks dismissively. Oh, Jay -- if you only knew. "I don't believe in much of anything at this point," Bunk says dryly. Hard to argue his point of view. Landsman pooh-poohs Bunk's negative attitude and gives McNulty an attaboy. "You turned on the fucking tap, Jimmy," he chortles, slapping McNulty on the back. "They're finally paying for policework again." Policework to investigate a made up crime, sure, but policework nonetheless.

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