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"Buyer's Market Out There"

McNulty is examining the body that Oscar was so kind to tip him off about, but there's just one problem -- the body's been dead too long to do any first-rate tampering. "I find them, Detective," Oscar says, not very sympathetically. "What you do after that is your business." Out of context, that's a really filthy line. Anyhow, McNulty's set to head back to get his drink on when Oscar reminds him that he's doing the detective a favor, so maybe McNulty can reciprocate by filling out the crime-scene report. Only there's really no "maybe" in the way Oscar asks.

It's the next morning, and we're out in front of the offices of Levy, Weinstein & McHale, or as Marlo helpfully exposits, Avon's lawyer. Yes, and also Prop Joe's lawyer, and also lawyer to many members of the Co-op. "Levy excels at putting our limp-dick money to work," Joe says. "You want to know what to do with them bank checks? This is where you need to be." So Joe escorts Marlo into Levy's office to line him up with new legal representation. It's just a shame that Herc happens to be sitting in the office, too, given the vibrant history that he and Marlo share. "Hey, you ever find that camera?" Marlo smirks. Herc is not amused, but it's okay, since the rest of us probably are. "Cost me the job," Herc replies icily. Levy quickly steers Marlo into his conference room, lest things spiral downward from there. That leaves Herc with Prop Joe, who motions toward the part of the paper Herc isn't reading in the international symbol for "Mind if I read this?" Herc nods his assent, and then tries to make small talk: "So Carcetti finally dumps Burrell." Joe observes that he and Burrell went to the same high school, with Burrell just a year ahead of him: "He was in the glee club." Of course, he was. "I gotta ask..." Herc begins. "Stone stupid," Joe replies, before Herc can get another word in. That's even more believable than the glee club thing.

Time for Kima to reconnect with her son. She's going to watch Elijah, while Cheryl runs some errands and gets some work in at her TV station. So, at first Elijah pretty much ignores Kima so that he can concentrate on his pre-existing coloring project, but soon, they're united through the universal power of Legos. And it's all very sweet and shows how Kima was affected by the kid who witnessed that home-invasion, but it's not drug-lord machinations or McNulty's plotting or City Hall hijinks, so let's move on.

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