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"Buyer's Market Out There"

This time, Oscar found a body that's perfect for McNulty's purposes. In fact, by the time Freamon gets there, McNulty's already moving the corpse around and disposing of the drug paraphernalia that likely did this stiff in. Then McNulty goes about cutting up the corpse's fingertips -- defensive wounds, you know? Freamon remarks that McNulty's "a twisted fuck" and then hands over the dentures. "Don't ever tell my mother or my priest you saw me do this," McNulty pleads, and the camera cuts away before we can see what he's talking about, but my guess is he's using those dentures to put teeth marks in a place you don't want to find teeth marks.

We're at Proposition Joe's house, where the man himself is getting ready to beat a hasty retreat. Cheese is there to haul luggage, and apparently to wonder why Joe still lives in a modest home despite being a wealthy drug lord. Joe points to a picture on the wall of Cheese's great-grandfather: "First colored man to own his own house in Johnson Square. That means something -- something you young'uns lost." Cheese has had quite enough of this The More You Know moment, and decides to wait for Joe outside. Joe calls after him to be alert during his absence: "Charles say Omar back. And while he left Charles standing, the man might feel less inclined if he get the drop on you and yours." And that's one to grow on. Cheese walks out...and Marlo walks on. Well, crap. Joe removes his glasses; "You ain't come to see me off," he understates. Then he figures out who told Marlo that he was skipping town: "My nephew." Marlo nods. "Boy was always a disappoinment," Joe says, a trace of anger flashing across his face. "But I always treated you like a son." "I wasn't made to play the son," Marlo replies coldly. Joe points out that he has the supply; Marlo counters that The Greek and him have reached an understanding. This is about the time that Chris strolls in behind Joe. Double crap. One last proposition from Joe: "I just step out of the way. You'd never hear from me again. I'd just disappear." Don't make Marlo laugh -- seriously, don't. He's incapable of any emotion besides detached, murderous fury. "You wouldn't be able to change up any more than me," Marlo concludes. Then he tells Joe to close his eyes -- "It won't hurt none." Well, my eyes are slammed shut, I'll tell you that. So are Joe's, and Chris does the deed, while Marlo drinks it all in. And a scene like that, friends, is why, despite all the petty criticisms you've come across in the preceding pages, there's not another show I would watch instead of this one.

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