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"Buyer's Market Out There"

Meanwhile, at City Hall, we join Carcetti mid-hissyfit: "No, no way. After what I've been through to toss him out of the plane, now you want me to pretty up the man's parachute?" He's speaking about Burrell, methinks, and he's addressing this to Campbell, who has doubtlessly brought him up to speed on the promise she made to the outgoing police commissioner that he'd be taken care of in exchange for a graceful exit. "The commissioner has served this city for thirty-four years," Campbell offers. "Any five of which would have been enough to have him indicted," Carcetti rebuts. Advantage: Carcetti. Anyway, if Campbell was so concerned about Burrell, Carcetti points out, she should have mentioned something when she was busy securing land favors. Campbell counters with the "This isn't about X, it's about Y" trope she used earlier in Burrell's office; in this case, Y is Daniels. "Thirty-four years is a long time," says Campbell. "Anyone who hangs around that long can put his hands on a lot of dirt." Like a folder someone might just happen to have in her possession? Campbell isn't saying; what she is saying is that maybe some effort should be made to see that Burrell rides off into the sunset content to keep his mouth shut. Time to make sure Burrell attends the most stilted and awkward press conference in memory.

Hey, speaking of awkward, let's head down to the courthouse, where Freamon is showing Sydnor and Pearlman the case against Clay Davis, meticulously plotted out on a bulletin board...when Clay Davis walks in to be deposed before the grand jury. Pearlman thanks him for coming, while Sydnor sheepishly flips the bulletin board over. "We can go to my office first, or get right to it," Pearlman says. "Lead on," Clay responds coolly, producing his summons with a flourish. "He's pretty cool about it," Sydnor observes. "The coming out tells the tale," Freamon responds. That, and the subsequent leaks to the press.

So, they're trying to depose the kid about the home invasion -- he's in a room with a social worker and a relative staring blankly off into space, while Kima watches from the other side of a two-way mirror. It is every bit as uplifting and life-affirming as I promised. Perhaps we should move on, just in case all this happiness makes some of us want to toast the wonder of mankind with a bracing shot of hemlock.

Back to the grand jury hearing, where Pearlman is busy showing Clay Davis a canceled $11,000 check to one of the senator's corrupt charities. She also has a withdrawal for that same amount, followed by a deposit slip to Clay's personal account for...I think we can guess the amount here...$11,000. Even the grand jurors look up from their Sudoku puzzles and video iPods to see what Clay has to say about this. "I come here to help," he says to Pearlman, with his voice sounding positively wounded. "But y'all are out for blood. I'm not answering no more questions." "You are invoking your right against self-incrimination, sir?" Pearlman asks. It's cooler the way Clay says it.

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