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"This Ain't Aruba, Bitch."

Back at the parking garage, Fitz tells McNulty, "I sat there for a half an hour with him. With him and his deputy. He knows what he's sayin' no to." "How the fuck --" "It's personal, Jimmy. Somebody at City Hall really pissed off the U.S. Attorney." "You're kidding me." Fitz tells him that he's still trying to figure out what the problem is, but that McNulty shouldn't hold his breath on any Federal funds coming to help out on the Stanfield case. "DEA, ATF, guys are shut out across the board. Fish and fuckin' Wildlife couldn't help you."

"The kid is nowhere to be found," Gus tells Templeton. "I sent photo down there, trying to dig him up. Nothing." "Probably left." Gus starts reading excerpts from Scott's piece, somewhat sarcastically, implying he's doubtful of the authenticity of the piece. Scott looks around uncomfortably. "We're going to give good play to a thirteen-year-old known only as E.J. who declines to give his name because he skipped school. He's got no parents. He lives with his aunt. I mean, I'm not sayin' that this kid isn't everything that you say he is, but Scott, damn. As an editor, I need a little more to go on if I'm gonna fly this thing." "I resent the implication," says Templeton. Well, I'm pretty sure Gus resents being handed a wad of made-up bullshit, Scott. Gus assures him he's not implying anything: "I'm on your side. But the standard for us has to be --" "Scott!" calls Whiting, interrupting Haynes's lecture. "Just finished your story. Good read! I'm putting it out front. I think you really captured the disparity of the two worlds in this city in a highly readable narrative. I wouldn't change a word!" "Thanks, but I'm not sure everyone shares your enthusiasm." Gus asks Whiting if he's not just a little concerned about the fact that he's green-lighting a story where the subject has no last name. "I thought we held ourselves up to a higher --" "It's not an ideal situation," Whiting interrupts, again, "but the boy's reluctance to give his last name clearly stems from his fear of being discovered as a truant. You have a problem with it?" "Yeah, a little bit, kinda, yeah. I'm just sayin' that --" "I think we're on terra firma here." Whiting walks away without another word. What a raging prickjob. Scott looks self-satisfied, and Gus, being the bigger man, says, "The man made a call, you're good to go." Dude, I really like Gus. He seems to always keep his composure despite being fully aware of the crumbling situation around him. Good guy, good character. Well done.

Snoop, O-Dog, and Monk are all sitting in a car, getting ready to hit one of Webster Franklin's corner outfits. O-Dog suggest they do a drive-by ("Let's go all West Coast wit this."), and Snoop cracks up at the suggestion, wondering what he means. "Drop a mothafucka and not slow down, like Boyz n the Hood." Monk and Snoop agree, so they roll up, but O-Dog doesn't hit a single one of them, and they all scatter. Snoop jumps out of the car, and trains her pistol on one of the fleeing kids. She shoots, and the kid drops, presumably dead. "Fuck dem West Coast niggas," she says. "In B-mo, we aim an' hit a nigga, y'heard?" They get back in the car and head out.

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