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"This Ain't Aruba, Bitch."

"Guy leaves two dozen bodies scattered all over the city, and no one gives a fuck," says McNulty to Bunk and Lester as they cradle some drinks. "You can go a long way in this country killing black folk," says Bunk. "Young males, especially. Misdemeanor homicides." "If Marlo was killin' white women --" starts Jimmy. "White children," says Lester. "Tourists," says Bunk. "One white ex-cheerleader tourist missing in Aruba." "Trouble is, this ain't Aruba, bitch!" says Bunk. "You think if three hundred white people were killed in this city every year, they wouldn't send in the 82nd Airborne?" says Les. McNulty wonders if there's any way to "make 'em turn on the faucet." Bunk's sure Jimmy can think of something. Jimmy's too busy peeping ass to pay attention, though, and he stands up and makes his way over to some ladies in the corner.

Back at the paper, some woman is asking Gus if he edited the opening day piece, and he replies that Whiting gave it the go-ahead "before I could take a meat axe to it." "Did it bother you that we don't have the boy's full name?" "Yes, Rebecca, it did." She also notices the lack of art. "None," says Gus in a What Can You Do? kind of way.

Michael is in the car with Chris and Snoop, and they're waiting to see who's home at June Bug's house before they attack. "Why you think we sittin' here?" Chris asks Michael, and replies that they're waiting to see who's around on the block, "police and whatnot." "That's right. You don't ever want to be the last man to a party, you feel me? That's why I show up to a job an hour before, sometimes two. Don't want nobody settin' up on me while I'm settin' up on them." "Ain't no good think about mo' fuckin' surprises in this line o' work," says Snoop, reinforcing Chris' point. "Why we doin' June Bug, anyway?" asks Michael, and Snoop explains that word is he disrespected Marlo by calling him a dick-sucker. "You're not sure?" "It don't matter if he said it or not, people think he said it. Can't let that shit go." Jesus, dude. "Why not?" asks Michael. "I mean, Marlo ain't suck no dick, right? So, if Marlo knows he ain't suck dick, then what the fuck he care what June Bug say?" Snoop says June Bug has a big mouth, and that's enough. She goes on to tell him he better watch his own mouth, as well. Finally, they see June Bug arrive with his crew and go into his house. Chris tells Michael to go around back and drop anybody that runs out. Michael does as he's told. Snoop goes to a street light with her power drill, and opens up the panel to cut the electric service to the house.

McNulty's nursing a hefty hangover at the office, and he's holding an ice-pack to his head as he cusses and drinks coffee. "Must've been a good ride, 'cause he never went home," jokes Kima with Bunk. "Same shirt as yesterday." Heh, true. Kima walks away, and Bunk asks Jimmy if his lady gave him shit. Offended, McNulty says, "No!" Landsman comes in with a DOA case, and McNulty says he's too hungover to take it. "Both of you, you're up," Landsman tells them. McNulty's pissed.

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