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"This Ain't Aruba, Bitch."

Michael's made his way behind the house, and readies his pistol as gunshots ring out from inside the house. He draws his weapon as a little boy runs outside, but can't bring himself to shoot, thank God. I don't think I could take that.

Back at Jessup, Marlo's returned to speak with Sergei. I guess Auntie Barksdale got the hundred thou, because Avon, who's standing right there, ushers the Russian in. "'Sup, Boris?" says Marlo. "You know who I am?" He tells him he's his "rich uncle" who's been sending all the cash. "In my country, I was in jail four years. In my country, this is not prison. This is nothing. I don't need money. I don't need you." He calls Marlo a gang-banger, but Marlo doesn't pay any mind, and expresses his hope that Sergei can put him in contact with the Greeks. Sergei looks back at Avon, who nods. "Seeing as you don't need my money, Vondas might be happy to have it. If he don't want to see me, he won't. But if he do, it's you that made it happen." Sergei seems to understand perfectly well. Avon flashes a W with his right hand and pounds his heart, letting Marlo know that Westside dudes need to stick together.

Bubs is standing outside his NA meeting, watching the girl from the beginning play with a young toddler. Walon walks up, and asks him if he can fill in as speaker today, because the main guy is running late. "It's time to share, Bubs." Bubs says he's still not ready, but Walon's not having it: "As your sponsor, I'm tellin' ya, you gotta step up for somethin'. I don't care what. I don't care if it's in these rooms or not, but there ain't no layin' in the cut on this shit. You gotta step up somewhere." He backs off, and Bubbles has an understanding look on his face.

Over at the June Bug residence, Kima and Crutchfield arrive, and Alma Gutierrez tries to get a quote. Kima ignores her and heads right in. Once inside, Kima spots three bodies shot all to hell. The uniformed cop explains that the back door was open, and the power was cut from the street. Crutchfield comments that that's a whole lot of effort. There's a muffled cough, and everyone looks towards the hall closet from where it came. Kima walks over and opens the door to find a small child, covered in blood. "How the fuck...?" she says, and instantly scoops the child up in her arms. She looks at the uniform and says, "How?" "He must've been in that closet the whole time. No one heard shit!" "Call DSS, now! Any media out back?" She gets a head-shake from another uniform, and Crutchfield tells her to pull a cage-car around. Kima heads outside with the boy clutching on her like a koala, and she looks like she might cry. Can't deny that I'm getting a little misty watching this myself.

Back at the soup kitchen, Bubs arrives and asks the number-calling guy if he can help handing out tickets. "That's fine, Bubs, really, but wouldn't you rather serve?" "You mean give the food to the people?" "Isn't that the best part?" "I can't, no." The guy leads Bubs back to the kitchen, saying, "We can always use an extra set of hands."

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