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"This Ain't Aruba, Bitch."

Bunk and McNulty arrive at their DOA case, and the uniform tells them it's a pretty routine drunk and drugged homeless death. Bunk asks if he called for the crime lab, and the officer says it's at least a two-hour wait. "Shit gets worse every day," says Bunk as McNulty crouches by the body. An enlightened look crosses his face, and Bunk notices it right away. "Jimmy? You okay?" McNulty tells the officer to go get a coffee, because they have to wait for the lab anyway. The officer thanks him, and beats it. "Don't let this guy go anywhere. I forgot something in the car." Bunk stays put as McNulty heads out to the car, where he pulls out a pint of Jameson and slams back a couple of gulps.

Bubbles washes dishes silently at the soup kitchen. Way to step up, Bubbles.

Back at the scene, McNulty comes back in and shuts the door behind him. He takes another swig from his bottle, and Bunk says, "Little early for that, ain't it?" Paying no attention, Jimmy immediately starts tampering with the scene, making it look as though a struggle occurred. "What the fuck are you doin'?" asks Bunk. "Just watch the door, Bunk." Jimmy starts bumping against the drywall, making it crack. He takes a bit of the drywall dust and scrapes it on the body as Bunk tells him to "Get a grip." McNulty, in the zone now, tears the man's shirt collar, makes a cross on his own chest, and strangles the corpse for a little while as Bunk looks on in disgust. "Jesus Christ, you sick fuck!" "There's a serial killer in Baltimore," says McNulty. "He preys on the weakest among us. He needs to be caught." Jimmy takes a satisfied tug on his Jameson, and Bunk throws up his hands: "I'm gone. I don't want a part of this." He leaves in a huff as McNulty props up the body in a position that indicates homicide.

Now, I know a lot of people have a problem with this, but I say fuck that. This show has always been about desperate people in desperate situations, and this is no different. The cops are getting so squeezed that not only are they not making any money, but they can't even get their work done. It's an interesting storyline. Unethical? Fuck yes! Wrong? Are you to say that? No. Am I? Don't email me. I like where this is going. I just hope Jimmy doesn't end up in jail. At the same time, who would put him there? The cops? Ha!

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