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"This Ain't Aruba, Bitch."

Over with Freamon and Sydnor, Lester perusing the big Clay Davis corruption board as Sydnor comments on how quiet the place seems. Lester agrees with an "mmm-hmm," and Sydnor asks if he has the Bank of America accounts. Lester points to a pile, and quickly returns to his studying. "So, he claims to be raising money for some basketball program or daycare center," Sydnor starts. "The money comes in and the money goes out, but no hoops and no daycare," Lester finishes. Sydnor throws out the hypothetical that they get Davis and he flips, and Lester says that then he'd take them up the ladder. "To who? I mean, if Clay is stealing from his own non-profits --" "That's an easy case to make with all the paperwork we got here. That's a straight-up theft." Lester continues to explain that there's money not accounted for on the campaign finance reports, and his inclination is to believe Davis knows about that cash as well. Sydnor says he enjoys street work better, and Lester thinks he's crazy for wanting to sit in a surveillance van for petty drug shit. "This, Detective, is what you're tellin' me? A case like this, here, where you show who gets paid behind all the tragedy and the fraud? Where you show how the money routes itself, how all of us invested, all of us complicit?" "Career case, huh?" Fuckin' A, bro! "Baby, I could die happy." I love you, Lester Freamon. Still, Sydnor wonders what Marlo is up to right at that moment. "Celebratin'," says Lester. And how.

Speak of the devil, here's Marlo now, having a meet with Chris and Snoop. "Yeah, but they're still taking pictures?" he asks. Chris tells him he hasn't spotted anyone doing that in at least a couple days, and neither has Snoop. "We wore 'em down," she says matter-of-factly. Marlo brings up surveillance cameras, and Chris is under the impression that they're not a problem either. "Back in business, I say," says Snoop, eliciting a smile from Chris. "She ain't no work in a few months. She's somewhat eager," he jokes. Snoop decries the amount of talking that's been going on: "Niggas need to shut the fuck up, for real." Marlo agrees by getting down to brass tacks: "A-ight, first thing: you go hard at Franklin's crew. Gave him a chance to get on our tit, he passed. Bang on his corners a couple of times 'til he fold." Snoop's psyched for the action: "Now we're talkin'." "Yeah. Next, we step to June Bug for talkin' that shit. He was a dead man when he opened his mouth, he just walkin' around not knowin' it." That's what you get for talking shit about the Stanfield clan. I guess Marlo thinks it's time to start asserting himself again. "I also want that dick-sucker. Took my money and the whole world know? He got to fall." Snoop says that Omar's "retired," but Marlo doesn't care, because he still wants him to take a dirt-nap. Chris and Snoop are down, of course, but Chris posits that "he's gonna be comin' at us like we're comin' at him." Indeed. "Joe and them said to let that be." "The crown ain't worth much if the nigga wearin' it always gettin' they shit took, and Joe oughta know that." Fair enough. Marlo asks about "that thing down at Jessup," and Chris says it's all set up, and hands him a picture of Sergei. Meeting adjourned, Snoop tells some slingers standing by that it's time for them to earn their keep.

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