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"You know how that go, right?" says the girl with the large gold hoop earrings. "Gave myself all these little rules about what I wouldn't do?" She's clearly talking to a group, and I'm assuming it's NA, because we've seen this girl before in Hamsterdam and on the streets, trickin'. She says she always knew she'd do a lot to get high, but she'd never sell herself. "So after I'm trickin'," she continues, eliciting a titter from the group, "I said, 'You know, this ain't so bad, I'll do this for a while, I'll just have to make some more rules for myself, like, I'm gonna use condoms. And, I'm never gonna go with more than one guy at the same time." At this point, the camera pans out, and we see Walon (Steve Earle, singer of this season's theme) sitting behind her, obviously the group leader. "Let's just say there's lots of thing I told myself I wouldn't never do [sic]. You know what my disease did to my rules, right?" Yeah, everybody there knows. "Whatever it is you tell yourself you won't do to get high, you're pretty much making a list of everything you will do as soon as your inner addict tells you to. I mean, that bitch wants to kill me. She does." She goes on to say that even on her way to the meeting, her inner addict was telling her not to go, that she's fine on the street, that it's "all good." She thanks everyone for letting her share, and they all applaud as Walon stands up and thanks her.

He wonders aloud if anyone else feels like sharing, because there's time left. "How 'bout you, Bubs? Haven't heard from you in a while." Bubs demurs despite everyone around him encouraging him to speak. Finally, everyone applauds for him, and he reluctantly gets up front. He announces that he's been clean for almost fifteen months, and I honestly thought we'd never see that day. Everyone claps again, and Bubs continues: "As long as I've been off...I, um, I used to get so high, you know? Used to love to be high." He starts joking about how he used to do the "dope fiend lean, come out of it, get a little more upright, come to realize people been treatin' me like a lamppost, hangin' flyers on me and shit!" Giggles all around. Oh, Bubs, you're such a card! He continues joking, and Walon wears a leery face, which Bubs notices. "Yeah, used to love to get high. Got to the know, I'm not in the right place to talk about this right now." Walon's head drops. He's clearly disappointed that Bubs isn't talking about Sherrod's death, and most likely hasn't yet. A woman says, "Keep comin' back, Bubs," and everyone claps for him again. Bubs sits down and receives some loving caresses from his fellow addicts, a really touching gesture. He looks very sad. Andre Royo is fucking great. Time for credits.

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