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"They Used To Make Steel There, No?"

College. Stringer is in his Econ class, carefully taking notes about supply and demand. The bell rings, and Prof. Lucas sets out a pile of the students' research papers, handing Stringer's directly to him with a compliment. Stringer smiles at his A-, and follows Lucas to ask if he has five minutes to answer a question: "What are the options when you got an inferior product in an aggressive marketplace?" Lucas says that "if you have a large share of the market, you can buy up the competition." Stringer asks what if you don't, and the prof says you can reduce your price to increase your market share. "That assumes low overhead," says Stringer, looking at Lucas from under his brow. Lucas says that otherwise, you operate at a loss: "And worse, as your prices drop, your product eventually loses consumer credibility." Lucas adds that the new CEO of WorldCom faced the problem Stringer's describing, given the company's involvement with the largest fraud case in history: "So he proposed--" "To change the name," concludes Stringer. "Exactly," says Lucas. So long, Death Grip. Hello, KFC!

Port of Baltimore. Cole, with a Det. Mackey, pulls his car right up to Frank's trailer, trailed by Bunk, with Beadie. The whistling starts immediately. As the cops meet up outside their vehicles, Bunk points out Horseface, who's "got a weenie in his hand." "On this case, ain't that you?" cracks Mackey. Cole and Mackey stride smugly over to Horseface and serve him with a Grand Jury summons. Horseface and Ott looks shocked and a bit scared that anything's gotten to this point.

In the trailer, with Johnny Fifty in the background, Frank has recovered from his crisis of conscience at the end of the last episode -- outwardly, at least. He smirks, flicking through the half-dozen or so summonses in his hand as Bunk tells him that Horseface got one, too. Ignoring Bunk, Frank tells Beadie that she "used to be a lot more fun." He hands one to Johnny Fifty, who steps forward smarmily to introduce himself. Bunk declines to shake his hand, but is curious about the origin of his nickname; Frank tells him that Johnny Fifty drank fifty-three beers on his twenty-fifth birthday. And then had his liver replaced on his twenty-sixth birthday, I assume. Johnny Fifty reads the slip: "Grand Jury for the circuit court of Baltimore City." Bunk confirms that Johnny Fifty worked the Atlantic Light: "Everybody on that ship testifies." Johnny doesn't know what they would testify about, and Frank grunts that it's "about them girls in the can." He says that Bunk thinks they know something about their deaths: "He thinks we'd leave them there on the dock in a box, dying there in the dark because...because why, Detective? What reason would we have to want girls to die like that?" So they'd look hot for a Top Model photo shoot? Frank: "Why would any of us leave them in there if we knew anything about it?" Johnny Fifty looks down. Frank, heatedly, announces, "I got a wife. And three sisters. And they got daughters. And I got too much respect for women not to be pissed off at what's in your heads right now."

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