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"They Used To Make Steel There, No?"

Little Johnny's. "A Grand Jury?" asks Spiros. Nick catches Spiros up on the summons that have been dished out so far. "But you know nothing," says Spiros. "Yeah, no shit we know nothing," grunts Nick. "The only guy they got that even knows you had a can that day was Horse, and he ain't gonna say shit to nobody." Sergei and Spiros take this in, and then Spiros asks Nick if he's sure. "Horse is a rock," says Nick seriously. "Don't ever worry about him. My uncle neither." Spiros nods, but reminds Nick that Frank has said "he wants to stop." "Yeah, for a little while," says Nick. "He wants you to stop moving cans through our docks, at least until this shit chills." Spiros asks whether they're talking about local cops, and Nick says they are. "Their interest is in the girls," says Spiros. "That happened on the ship. The ship is gone. A dead end. The malaka they want, we already got to in Philly." "Another dead end," says Sergei meaningfully, because I guess in his country, they don't have subtlety. Spiros confidently says that "the police are going nowhere," but adds that it's more important to "address Frank's concerns." Spiros asks Nick to tell Frank that Spiros will meet with him. "He says he wants to meet with The Greek," says Nick. Spiros smiles that anything Frank wants to say to The Greek, he can say to Spiros. "Says he wants The Greek," says Nick again, trying his best to act all tough and shit. "Says you tell him when and where." He starts to get up from the table, but Spiros calls him back: "Niko." Nick takes his seat again, and Spiros says, "About that other business. The chemicals." Nick leans forward, asking what Spiros needs them for. Spiros shrugs that it's just business: "Everything is just business with us. Buy for a nickel, you sell for a dime." Nick wants to know "who wants a dime's worth of fucking chemicals." Sergei and Spiros stare at Nick, pretty sure he doesn't really want to know.

In Cleary's office, McNulty flips through a file, expositing that it contains the names of "undocumenteds" for this field office. Cleary confirms that they're from Maryland and Delaware. McNulty asks whether any are still in INS custody, so that McNulty could show them some photos. "Everyone in that book was deported," says Cleary, adding that some of them are already back in the U.S. McNulty asks whether any field office has anything active, and we cut to an Excel file up on Cleary's monitor as he says that's what he's looking at. There are some girls in custody on the west coast. McNulty asks whether there are any locations he can drive to, and Cleary says that the closest is in New Jersey: "Raid on a couple of clubs up there put about a dozen in their bullpen four days ago." McNulty says that'll work. Cleary hits a button to print, and turns around to ask McNulty whether he's really going to go up there on his own time. McNulty shrugs that he'll take a day. "What's between you and this girl?" asks Cleary suspiciously. McNulty asks whether Cleary's ever seen what happens in the morgue when they can't identify a body. Cleary shakes his head. McNulty: "I have." Oh, man, I bet I know. Really queer henna tattoos?

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