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"Aw Yeah. That Golden Rule."

Jail. Omar's chilling on his bunk, reading, when Frizz and MotCom enter with a stack of fat paperback books. Rolling his eyes, Omar stands up and raises his arms as Frizz and MotCom open the books and wrap them around his torso, securing them with an ace bandage. If jokes about Martha Stewart's prison stint weren't totally tired, I would say that's probably one of the crafts projects she undertook during that period. But they are, so I won't.

Attended by his bodyguards, Omar leaves his cell for the cafeteria. He's waiting in line when he looks back and sees a guard suddenly and conspicuously take a break. And then this short little dude rolls up and cuts the line in front of Omar. A tall guy objects, and a little shoving match breaks out -- but it's all for show, as Tall Guy produces a shiv and goes for Omar. However, Omar can't be stabbed, for one thing -- and for another, he's way too quick, disarming his would-be assassin, pinning his arm behind his back, and slamming him up against the wall as everyone else in line watches. Omar leans in to tell Tall Guy it's too bad they won't have more time together: "We could have made us a couple of babies." And those babies would be mean. He gives the guy a kiss on the earlobe, and then, just in time for the alarm to start bleating, Omar takes the shiv and jams it in the guy. At first, it looks like he's stabbed the guy in the hamstring, but then as he's writhing around on the floor, it looks more like Omar...well, tore him a new one. Anyway, guards in riot gear move in, but Frizz warns all the cons around, "Ain't nobody see shit," and he and his ward take off. As they wait by the stairwell for the dust to settle, Omar asks Frizz, "How's that for a message?" Frizz says it was all right, adding that the price on Omar's head is five figures, not four. MotCom jokes that for that much money, he should have killed Omar himself. I mean, I hope he's joking.

On their way back to Omar's cell, Omar asks who's supplying the bounty, and Frizz tells him it's a "Westside player" named Marlo. Omar doesn't know him, but asks if Frizz can get him a phone call. Frizz says he can do better, and produces an actual cell phone, asking whom Omar is calling. Omar says he's calling the police. This is met with the skepticism you'd expect, but Omar assures his entourage, "Man owe me a favour." Unfortunately, the man you'd try to get it from doesn't have the suction he used to.

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