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And that's the end. That explained nothing. I mean, how do these other universes work? I guess the theory is that there can't be more than one of the same person in each universe. Okay. And when Lukesh pulled Shot Doggett into the universe where Moronica's Doggett (as she dubbed him) lived, Moronica's Doggett vanished. Okay. So when Moronica killed Shot Doggett, her Doggett came back? Where did he go? Did he cease to exist? And it's not like any time had passed, because she was still in the kitchen. So...I am very confused. What do Scully and DPB and Skinner think happened? Do they remember any of this? Because it's not like Moronica was the person pulled into the other world, right? I mean, are they going to ask Doggett how he recovered from his gunshot, or is Moronica the only one who will remember what happened? In which case, she's also turned back time? My head hurts. Seriously. Where's the Advil?

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